Californian credit scores take nation’s second-largest jump

The average Californian’s credit score may be middle-of-the-pack nationally, but only one state had a bigger improvement as the economy rebounded during the last seven years. Credit watcher Experian’s annual report on national trends in “FICO” credit scores showed that last year’s California average of 708 was up two points in a year. That ranked 27th among the states. Credit scores reflect bill-paying abilities and are an important factor in how consumers obtain loans and what interest rates are charged. The national average FICO score rose as well to a record high of 703 in 2019. That’s up from 701 in 2018. A 700 score is a critical credit quality yardstick for lenders and 59% of Americans hit or exceeded this lofty level of creditworthiness last year — a record high share. At the state level, 2019’s highest scores were found in Minnesota at 733, its eighth-consecutive year leading the nation. Next best was North Dakota and South Dakota at 727. Worst? Mississippi and Louisiana at 677 then Texas and Alabama at 680. Things have certainly changed for the better for personal finances since 2012,…

San Diego Humane Society looking for homes for more than 40 rats

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – It’s the Year of the Rat and the San Diego Humane Society still has more than 40 of the critters across its three campuses waiting for adoption, it announced Monday. In October 2019, a woman called the Humane Society and said her pet rat population was out of control. She gave up more than 300 rats, and as many were pregnant, the Humane Society soon found itself with more than 600. Officials say the vast majority have been adopted, but there are still dozens of pet rats waiting for homes at the society’s San Diego, Oceanside and Escondido campuses. The society said rats make excellent pets as they are social, intelligent and affectionate with humans. Domesticated rats are physically and psychologically different from their wild counterparts. Rats eat pellets, vegetables and fruit, and stay clean by grooming themselves like a cat several times a day. The San Diego Humane Society is offering a “Year of the Rat” special adoption fee of $5 for a pair. As rats are social animals, the society requires they be adopted in same-sex pairs unless they…

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. National Day of Service

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A diversity of faiths and more than nine San Diego congregations joined together in the National Day of Service in memory of Martin Luther King, Jr. Rev. Melissa Spence from First United Methodist Church was on Good Morning San Diego to talk about the event. For more information please visit: Categories: Good Morning San Diego, In Studio Guests, Local San Diego News

Dr. David Jeremiah attends the United African American Ministerial Council’s 25th annual MLK Jr. community breakfast

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The United African American Ministerial Action Council’s 25th annual Martin Luther King Jr. community breakfast was held at the Jacobs Center in Lincoln Park Monday morning. The United African American Ministerial Action Council (UAAMAC) is committed to the construction of a Beloved Community of justice, equitable access to opportunities in the pursuit of happiness, education, health, family stability, economic development, peace and prosperity for all people. To this endeavor we invite participation of all people of good will and their resources to work collectively in making The Beloved Community. KUSI’s Allie Wagner attended the breakfast and got the chance to interview Dr. David Jeremiah, Senior Pastor of the Shadow Mountain Church. Categories: Good Morning San Diego

Nearly 100 Beehives Stolen From Orchard in Northern California

Authorities are investigating the theft of nearly 100 beehives from an orchard in northern California. The beehives, which are used to pollinate almond orchards, were discovered missing on Friday, beekeeper Mike Potts said. He estimated that the theft of the 92 hives, about a third of his operation, would cost him about $44,000 in revenue. “It’s hard enough keeping the bees alive without someone stealing them. It’s frustrating,” Potts told KCRA-TV. Potts, who is based in Oregon, suspects that another beekeeper who lost bees could be responsible for the theft and may have stolen hives before. Given the weight of the hives in addition to the boxes that hold them, he thinks the thief may have used a flatbed truck to drive them away.

Chicago-Area Police Officer Charged With DUI in Crash That Killed Another Officer

A suburban Chicago police officer has been charged with driving under the influence after she was involved in a traffic crash in which another police officer riding with her was killed. Joliet Police Officer Erin Zilka, 35, was driving on Interstate 55 early Sunday in Will County when her vehicle slammed into the back of a truck that had been involved in a traffic collision a short time earlier. Riding with Zilka was 33-year-old Berwyn Police Officer Charles Schauer. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The Illinois State Police, which is investigating the crash, said that Zilka was charged with drunken driving. In a statement, the Joliet Police Department said it had launched an internal investigation. A call on Monday to Zilka for comment was not immediately returned.

U.S. Diplomatic Staffer in Colombia Is Missing and Presumed Dead After Boating Accident, Pompeo Says

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced Monday that an American staffer from the US Mission in Colombia is missing and presumed dead after a boating accident over the weekend. “To my entire State Department team, Susan and I are with you in your grief,” Pompeo said. “You have my word the Department will do everything in our power to comfort and support those who have suffered from this devastating loss.” The top US diplomat, speaking alongside the Colombian president in Bogota, said the boating accident occurred on Saturday and that other government personnel had been involved. Some were rescued with “modest injuries” and one was airlifted to the US for treatment, Pompeo said. The missing worker’s next of kin had been notified, Pompeo said, but they were withholding the individual’s name for privacy considerations. A spokesperson for the State Department’s Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs told CNN that the employee was “on temporary assignment to the US Embassy in Bogota” and was “engaging in tourist activities in Cartagena” when the boating accident occurred. “We appreciate the Colombian Government’s continued search-and-rescue operation in search of the…

19 NICU Nurses at 1 Nebraska Hospital Gave Birth to 19 Babies in 2019

There’s a lot that happened for one Nebraska hospital unit in 2019 — 19 nurses gave birth to 19 healthy babies. And this week, almost of all of them gathered for a group photo. The nurses, all within the newborn intensive care unit of the Methodist Women’s Hospital, gave birth to 11 girls and 8 boys, CNN affiliate KMTV reported. “I think maybe it was a shock for our management knowing how many maternity leaves they were going to have to deal with and finding extra nurses to staff the unit when we were gone,” NICU staff member Christy Mirmiran told the news station. The hospital didn’t seem to mind too much — they posted pictures of their proud new mothers calling the past year a “baby boom.” Staff members told the affiliate travel nurses were able to come in and help with shifts. The group experience has made the nurses all feel like family, they say. “We can compare and share advice and just ask each other what each has done… who’s sick, who’s not… different things like that,” NICU staff member Kim Nabity…

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