$10,000 Reward For Information On Hit-And-Run Driver Who Killed Stockton Grandmother

STOCKTON (CBS13) — There’s now a $10,000 reward for information on a hit-and-run driver who killed a Stockton grandmother while she was walking to church. Trinidad Cornelio, 71, was trying to cross West Benjamin Holt Drive on Thursday night when a driver hit her and just kept going. MORE: Stockton Family Of Grandmother Who Was Killed Walking To Church Pushes For Greater Traffic Safety Cornelio’s family says she was heading to Presentation Catholic Church for mass and to honor her late mother’s birthday. The family and authorities are asking anyone with relevant information of the fatal hit-and-run to please come forward.

How A North Sacramento Street Came To Be For Sale

SACRAMENTO (CBS 13) — If you could buy the street in front of your house for Christmas, what would you do with it? People in one Sacramento neighborhood are asking this odd question after a mailing address mixup. Unpaid property taxes led to a public auction announcement that was never supposed to happen. “We all thought this was a city street because there’s city dumpsters and everything,” said Mark Duchesne, who was surprised to hear the street he lives on is up for sale. More than 30 homes line Brunnet Lane in Sacramento’s Natomas neighborhood and it has a green sign just like any other street in the city. “How could the street be for sale? I’ll buy this street,” Duchesne said. County records show Brunnet Lane is actually privately owned by the Riverdale North Community Association and they’ve only paid their annual property tax bill once in the last six years. “I’ve never thought of a street being owned by anybody,” said Michelle Hubbard, also a resident of Brunnet Lane. So what happens if property tax is not paid? The county can seize the property…

Gov. Newsom Rejects PG&E’s Bankruptcy Plan

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Gov. Gavin Newsom has rejected a $13.5 billion settlement that Pacific Gas and Electric struck just last week with thousands of people who lost homes, businesses and family members in a series of devastating fires that drove the nation’s largest utility into bankruptcy. The decision announced Friday in a five-page letter to PG&E CEO William D. Johnson marks a major setback in the utility’s race to meet a June 30 deadline to emerge from bankruptcy protection. The San Francisco-based company needs to pull a deal off to be able to draw from a special fund created by Newsom and state lawmakers to help insulate utilities if their equipment sparks other catastrophic fires. The risks have escalated during the past few years amid dry, windy conditions that have become more severe in a changing climate. In his letter, Newsom said the proposed settlement does not achieve the goal of the plan’s most important elements, which are providing safe and reliable power to its customers.

Stockton Mother, Son Arrested In Connection With Human Trafficking Investigation Involving Missing 13-Year-Old Girl

STOCKTON (CBS13) — A mother and son were arrested Friday in connection with a human trafficking investigation involving a missing 13-year-old girl, the Stockton Police Department announced. Montel Armstrong, 18, and his mother Sheila Logan, 39, were located at a residence on the 3200 block of Blue Ridge Circle in Stockton. The victim, who police said was reported as a missing person out of the Bay Area, was located safe and has been placed at Mary Graham Children’s Shelter. Detectives located a handgun and additional evidence at the scene. Stockton PD said Armstrong was arrested for human trafficking, assault with a deadly weapon, terrorist threats, lewd and lascivious acts with a child, and weapons charges. Logan was arrested on charges of human trafficking and child endangerment.

Boy, 9, Has Close Encounter With Prowler While Taking Out Trash In Carmichael

CARMICHAEL (CBS13) — A prowler in a Carmichael neighborhood has neighbors on edge after he almost came face to face with a 9-year-old boy taking out the trash. The child’s parents are worried the stranger may have had a gun. Evan Harris, the boy’s father, said his security cameras captured the entire encounter as the man approached his home in Carmichael from the front then headed directly to the backyard. “That’s him coming back, this is him,” Harris said while pointing to the security footage. “When he gets there…back behind the car, then he kinds of moseys on back.” Harris said the encounter happened Thursday evening around 5 p.m. and the stranger spent at least 15 minutes on his property walking around and peering in the windows. It’s when his son went to take out the trash and he looked at the surveillance image the Father realized just how close the encounter was. Detailing the video, Harris said, “This is [my son] taking out the trash and this is [the prowler] coming back at the exact same time, and as [my son] is coming running…

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