California Court Cites DNA, Overturns Murder Conviction For Man Who Spent Last 33 Years In Prison

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A man who has spent 33 years in prison may be freed after a California appeals court overturned his murder conviction based on new DNA testing. The Northern California Innocence Project said the Sixth District Court of Appeal overturned Jack Sagin’s conviction last month after lawyers showed his DNA was absent from the victim’s nails and other crime scene evidence. Sagin was convicted in 1986 of the murder of Paula Durocher, largely based on testimony from two jailhouse informants. In 2009, the Monterey County Superior Court allowed post-conviction DNA testing of evidence collected from the crime scene. In August, the appellate court vacated Sagin’s conviction, saying the evidence likely would have changed the outcome of his trial. The Monterey County District Attorney’s office did not have immediate comment Wednesday. Copyright 2019 The Associated Press.

Facebook Debuts Vaccine Pop-Up Windows To Stop The Spread Of Misinformation

(CNN) — A new feature is rolling out on Facebook and Instagram to combat the spread of anti-vaccine misinformation. Facebook, which owns Instagram, announced on Wednesday that educational pop-up windows will appear on the social media platforms when a user searches for vaccine-related content, visits vaccine-related Facebook groups and pages, or taps a vaccine-related hashtag on Instagram. If the user is based in the United States, the pop-up window will connect the user to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for credible information on vaccines. If the user is outside of the United States, it will connect them to the World Health Organization. The CDC praised Facebook’s latest move to stop misinformation from circulating on its platform. “We know that parents often turn to social media to access health information and connect with other parents, and it can be difficult to determine what is accurate and who the credible sources of information are,” CDC spokeswoman Kristen Nordlund said in an email on Wednesday. Combating “vaccine myths and misinformation is a shared responsibility and we applaud these efforts,” she said in part. This launch…

Police: 2 Women Fraudulently Bought More Than $4K In Electronics At Roseville Galleria

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – Police are asking for help in finding two women suspected of making fraudulent purchases at the Roseville Galleria. The incident happened around noon back on Sept. 1. Roseville police say the two women fraudulently bought more than $4,000 in electronics from a store at the mall. Surveillance photos of the two suspects appear to have been taken inside the Apple Store. Both women are believed to be between 40-55 years old. Anyone with information about who the suspects may be is asked to contact Roseville police.

Governor To Decide If Drivers Get A Point When Caught Texting Behind The Wheel

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A proposal to start adding a point to a driver’s record when he or she is caught texting or holding a cell phone is now going to the Governor’s desk. Assembly Bill 47 unanimously passed the Assembly Tuesday after clearing the Senate last week. Several amendments were made to the initial bill. The new version delays the bill’s start to July 1, 2021, six months after the original proposal. The bill now also clarifies that a point is given for any conviction that occurs within 36 of a prior conviction for the same offense. A previous version would have added a point after the first conviction. California law already adds points to a driver’s record for a number of violations. Those who accumulate four or more points in 12 months, six or more points in 24 months, or eight or more points in 36 months are considered “negligent drivers.” The DMV can refuse to issue or renew a license to a negligent or incompetent driver; insurers can also change a driver’s rate based on the number of points on his or her…

Focus on Denver: New-look Broncos a bit of a mystery for Raiders

The Broncos have a new head coach, a new quarterback and new offensive and defensive coordinators, which means a lot of new questions for the Raiders, who’ll take on Denver in the season opener Monday night. This could be a make-or-break season for Broncos president John Elway, who has come under fire for a series of missteps over the past couple of seasons. Here’s a closer look at Oakland’s Week 1 game: Game essentials: Raiders vs. Broncos at Coliseum, Monday, 7:20 p.m. (PT) on ESPN. Odds: Pick ’em. Three reasons for Raiders’ optimism: 1. When you’ve struggled as much on offense as the Broncos have the past three seasons, calling on 34-year-old former Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco to save the day might be a stretch. Flacco will need to produce quickly to stave off any challenge from his backup, second-round pick Drew Lock. This could potentially be a good matchup for a Raiders defense looking to reverse its fortunes. 2. The best offensive lineman the Broncos have might be 59-year-old Hall of Famer Mike Munchak. But unless their new offensive line coach comes out of…

Kurtenbach: Why the Raiders were right to fine Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown didn’t show up for work quite often this preseason. Between his frostbitten feet and helmet saga, he had a lot going on. And while some of those absences were excused — some begrudgingly, I imagine — others were not, as Raiders’ general manager Mike Mayock made clear with his “all-in or all-out” comments on Aug. 18. After that charged missive, Brown started showing up for work. His feet have healed (no pun intended), and he has a new helmet — one that he’s reportedly being paid to endorse. It seemed as if things had calmed down. We should have known that nothing will ever be calm when it comes to AB. Per the wide receiver’s oft-used Instagram page, Brown received a letter from the Raiders fining him nearly $54,000 for missing that Aug. 18 practice and a walk-through for the Raiders’ preseason “home” game in Winnipeg. Antonio Brown posted a copy of the Raiders’ letter announcing his fine on his Instagram Story. (Screenshot from Instagram) “WHEN YOUR OWN TEAM WANT TO HATE BUT THERE’S NO STOPPING ME NOW DEVIL IS A LIE. EVERYONE…

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