Letter: Senate urged to protect vote, democracy

Editor: The findings of former special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation offered a clear warning: Our election system was targeted by the Russian government in 2016 and is still vulnerable to Russian interference. Not only do we have proof Russia infiltrated election systems in all 50 states in 2016, but Microsoft has already tracked nearly 1,000 foreign cyber attacks against political organizations during this election cycle. In response, the House of Representatives recently passed a bill that will allocate $600 million in election security funding to states. This key piece of legislation would allow states to replace outdated voting equipment with systems that use voter-verified paper ballots, the best way to protect vote counts from hacking and cyber threats. Many states do not have a way to verify vote counts in the event of a hack — an open invitation for any foreign adversary looking to influence the outcome of an election. I’m asking my senators to take a stand and support a version of the House bill, and urge other senators to do the same. Americans are counting on lawmakers to lead the way in…

Letter: County’s ban on outdoor cultivation is repressive

Editor: Tehama County represses residents with universal aerial surveillance and eradication of any outdoor cannabis plants, anywhere. If you are abated or headed to your administrative hearing, consider the value of joining a coherent and active resistance movement. Should you decide to sue, issues not mentioned in your Kangaroo Kourt, or administrative hearing, are not allowed in your arguments when you get to real court. Consider what you might say. When it is your turn to speak, try to make statements that might protect your ability to bring a successful case. To wit: It is a violation of your constitutional right against self-incrimination to be asked or forced to self-incriminate. This hearing is not a judicial event, there is no judge, but an extrajudicial process that intimidates and extracts admissions of guilt under threat of extortion, fines more than 10 times the legal limit for civil or criminal offenses, stalling your access to court by insinuating you may prevail before the Supervisors. It functions to siphon away cash, assets, property and, often, slaves for the gulag. The hearing resembles being interrogated by police without being…

A Sexually Violent Predator Could Be Released To Sacramento Area

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A sexually violent predator (SVP) may be placed in Del Paso Heights, according to District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert. Schubert’s office said a Santa Clara judge will consider placing SVP Dariel Morrise Shazier in Del Paso Heights, even though he does not have any ties to the Sacramento area. A judge previously considered releasing Shazier to Placer County but he remained in a rehabilitation center in Santa Clara County. READ MORE: Lincoln Residents Say They’ll Fight To Keep Sexual Predator Out Of Their Neighborhood  According to the DA’s office, Shazier was convicted in Santa Clara County in 1989 and 1994 in multiple cases of: Sodomy of a Person Under 14 by Force Annoy/Molest a Child Sexual Battery Sodomy of a Drugged Victim (Under 18) Oral Copulation of a Drugged Victim (Under 18) He has served a 17-year sentence and has been designated as an SVP by a jury. If he is placed in Del Paso Heights, the DA’s office said he would only be monitored for a year before being eligible for a full release from supervision to live unmonitored in the…

As Frequency Of Wildfires Grows, So Do Requests For Smoke Forecasts

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — Among the hundreds of firefighters, aircraft and engines dispatched to a northern Arizona wildfire were two women whose focus wasn’t on flames, but smoke. Carolyn Kelly and Anita Thompson are part of a growing program that dispatches specialists to monitor smoke from wildfires. Congress earlier this year said all top-tier federal teams battling wildland blazes should have at least one air resource adviser. The specialists look at smoke models, humidity, weather patterns and fire behavior to gauge the air quality. They then produce a color-coded smoke forecast that tells the public whether it’s OK to be outside. The U.S. Forest Service oversees the program. It has about 95 air resource advisers from various agencies but can’t always fill the requests to send them to wildfires.

Cool days ahead

Thursday will be mostly sunny with highs near 90. We will be cooler on Friday and Saturday with highs in the mid 80s. A warming trend will start on Sunday.

Wind-Driven Fire Prompts Evacuations In Unincorporated Oakley

OAKLEY (AP) – Fire officials in the San Francisco Bay Area say a grass fire is threatening several homes and they have ordered evacuations. The East Contra Costa Fire Protection District says the fire in unincorporated Oakley is being driven by wind and that all of its fire engines are fighting the blaze in the community 50 miles (80 kilometers) east of San Francisco Due to a fire, Delta Rd from Main St to Sellers Rd is closed. As well as Sellers Ave between East Cypress Rd and Delta Rd. Please avoid the area to allow crews to address the fire. — City of Oakley (@CityofOakley) August 7, 2019 The district says additional fire engines and crews are on their way. Television images show a structure burned to the ground as the blaze burns through empty and dry fields. The blaze is burning near warehouses and homes. Copyright 2019 The Associated Press.

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