Carter High School

Meditation Garden at Carter High School promotes wellness, provides support to Rialto students

After a year of development, Carter High School’s Meditation Garden opened to both students and staff on Wednesday, Nov. 6. The Meditation Garden, an extension of its on-campus Wellness Center, gives students a space to clear thoughts, cope with life stresses and feel safe. “When entering the Meditation Garden, first you have to walk in through the Wellness Center. Inside it’s a very calm environment, there’s no fluorescent lighting, and it’s nicely painted. It brings your anxiousness down. When entering the garden, you open the door and hear the fountain right away,” said Principal Greg Anderson. Photo RUSD: Carter High Principal Dr. Gregory Anderson, was among the students who took the opportunity to meditate after the garden’s official opening. Over the past three years, the Wellness Center has provided support to students with both low and high levels of stress, and the Meditation Garden is an expansion that will allow more students to utilize the various wellness services. “There are trees all around and even the bark scent and nature of the Meditation Garden is filled with serenity. It brings your anxiousness level down naturally.…

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