Bernie Sanders adviser on a possible 2024 run and changes to the Democrats’ primary calendar

A senior adviser to Sen. Bernie Sanders is critical of the Democratic National Committee’s proposed plan to move South Carolina to the top of the primary calendar in 2024. Faiz Shakir joins “Red and Blue” to discuss this as well as Sanders’ future plans and the possible 2024 Democratic presidential field.

Ferndale to Whoville

Seussical the Musical at FRT Wading through the gaggle of eager children and on-the-precipice-of-composed parents for Ferndale Repertory Theatre’s Seussical the Musical is part of the joy and laughter of this production. A newcomer to town may have thought the entire city in cahoots with the theatre to set the perfect scene for the Whos to peek around the alley or the Grinch to thieve the multiple lighted trees along the main drag. Alas, the marching single file schoolkids filled with awe at the town’s cute window displays and candy cane streetlamps are a coincidental preshow to this storybook production. Bravo to scenic designer Carin Billings for recreating a Seuss fantasy that spills into the house with mobiles hanging throughout. The transition from the sweetness of Ferndale to the vibrance of their art perfectly establishes the world. Sound designer Dillion Savage enhances it with expertly chosen preshow music played over FRT’s brand new sound system. The pairing, sprinkled with children’s frivolity, popcorn popping and the lingering scents of hot cocoa and apple cider, is orchestrated by the iconic hat center stage and the production’s energy.