Fontana students make triumphant return from international robotics competition

Wayne Ruble Middle and Randall Pepper Elementary robotics students made a triumphant and award-winning return from the World Robot Olympiad (WRO) Friendship Invitational, after dazzling the global community with their expertise, teamwork and sportsmanship. Photo FUSD: Randall Pepper Elementary students celebrate their success at the World Robot Olympiad Friendship Invitational in Aarhus, Denmark. Randall Pepper Elementary and Wayne Ruble Middle School students represented Fontana Unified in the international tournament for the first time Aug. 1-4. The international competition, held Aug. 1-4 in Aarhus, Denmark, netted the Randall Pepper LEGO Panther squad with the International Friendship Award for their slogan, “3 Countries, 3 Teams, 1 Friendship,” created in collaboration with students from Germany and Nigeria.  “This was a great learning experience, to be on the world stage and understand the value of hard work and collaboration,” Wayne Ruble eighth-grader Joshua Narciso said. “When we met the international students they treated us like equals, which made us feel really good.” The schools advanced to the Friendship Invitational after outpacing their competition in a WRO national qualifier, held at Southridge Tech Middle School in April. The Wayne Ruble…

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