FunBox lives up to its name

Looking for something new to do that will give you lots of awesome photos? Try Funbox in Arcadia. It’s a museum where you can go to have some fun and walk through different themed rooms with special art installations. My family and I had to chance to go and I highly recommend it. Here is  what you should expect at FunBox! Walking through the doors, you will be greeted by a teddy bear tunnel welcoming you to the place. It’s a perfect photo opportunity and is so adorable. Then you are greeted by some mini set ups. These include a pig designed section as well as TikTok and Instagram logos if you want to post something to those sites while you’re there. As you move through, you will come across a “bubble party”. You get five minutes to jump around and take some pictures in the “bubbles”, before moving on to your next spot. You will then be able to do a few more interactive things, such as going into a room filled with flying balloons and a room where the whole place is a…

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