Norma Torres

Rep. Norma Torres announces legislation protecting students’ access to basic needs

Congresswoman Norma J. Torres (D-CA) was joined Wednesday by local students, as well as advocates and experts focused on combatting student hunger and homelessness, to announce new legislation to ensure college students – particularly Pell Grant recipients and attendees of community colleges and minority-serving institutions – are able to meet their basic needs while pursuing their education. The Basic Assistance for Students in College (BASIC) Act provides $500 million for grants to ensure institutions of higher learning have the resources they need to support their students’ day-to-day needs, and directs the federal government to streamline data sharing across agencies to help students who qualify for aid access it. Courtesy photo: Mt. San Antonio College student, Merlin Diaz, fights back tears as she speaks at the podium with her son, Matthew. “Higher education is an invaluable asset in the 21st century workforce, but students can’t go broke trying to pay for it,” Rep. Torres said. “The legislation I announced today will ensure the federal government is coordinating assistance efforts across agency lines, empower colleges and universities to identify students in need of support, and provide resources…

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