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Rialto’s Pride Platoon Program transforms lives of at-risk youth

Rialto Police Department has teamed up with the City to transform the lives of at-risk youth, in Rialto, through the Pride Platoon Program. The program is available for 14-17-year-old juveniles who have been recommended by the court, parents, probation, and schools. The program utilizes and implements innovative techniques and activities to assist the youth in forging a positive relationship with law enforcement role models and get the youth further away from the culture of gangs, violence and criminal activity. “The program is specifically designed to deal with teenagers in need of leadership skills and altering negative behavior. It utilizes proactive and innovative techniques for positive redirection. Overseen by Rialto Police personnel, the 14-week program offers physical training, prevention, disciplinary components, and counseling,” said City Administrator Rod Foster. According to a Rialto Police Department press release, “The objective of the program is to identify problems within a family that have surfaced through juvenile delinquency. Juveniles in high school and in junior high school with antisocial behavior such as truancy, incorrigibility, minor law violations, etc., may be considered for the program. Through the leadership role of the…

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