Kristin Smart murder trial resumes Aug. 24, week ends with dog handler testimony

SALINAS – Jurors in the Kristin Smart murder trial heard more from human remains detection dog handlers Tuesday, the last day of testimony before a five-day scheduled break in the trial. Adella Morris and Wayne Bahrons’, human remains detection dog handlers who assisted law enforcement in a search of Paul Flores’ Cal Poly dorm in June 1996, took the stand on Tuesday, both as expert witnesses. Morris began where she left off Monday, taking questions as part of cross-examination by Paul Flores’ attorney, Robert Sanger, and questions submitted by jurors. One of the questions focused on the specificity of the trained dog’s detection skills. The question centered on there being many rooms in the dorms, so “isn’t it inevitable that someone had a cut finger or something in one of the rooms? Why didn’t the dogs alert to any of the rooms.” Morris answered this inquiry by saying that she did not know what happened in all of the dorm rooms. In later questioning, Adella reassured the court that her dog, Cholla, who identified the target scent of human remains in Paul’s dorm room, was “very clear” about the