Woman Blames Staph Infection On E. Coli In American River

FOLSOM (CBS13) —  A woman is warning people to stay away from the American River after two trips to the emergency room, following a day of fun on the water. She is blaming E. coli in the river for a painful rash on her stomach. “I can feel the blisters tearing. When I turn, when I bend over, it feels tight,” said Anna Sanders. Sanders said the rash started as a small red mark on her skin the day after tubing in the river. She said it quickly grew to a bright red rash and blisters spread across her stomach. “It’s really painful. I’ve had to go to the E.R. twice one of the time I had to get IV and antibiotics and I just wanted to make sure that parents aren’t coming out here and letting their kids swim,” she said. A local woman is warning people to stay away from the American River after she went tubing and woke up with this rash. Tonight what doctors and the county are saying about E. Coli levels in the river and if there is a…

City Of Davis Cuts $1M In Salaries, Will Furlough Workers Once A Month

DAVIS (CBS13) — Feeling the impact of a closed campus and budget cuts, the city of Davis is furloughing workers. The city had to cut $1 million in employee salaries to deal with revenue losses from the virus. Starting next Friday, City Hall will shut down once a month on scheduled business days for the next seven months. Public safety workers, like police officers, will take furloughs when possible to maintain staffing levels. The furlough schedule is as follows: Friday, August 14, 2020 Friday, September 4, 2020 Friday, October 23, 2020 Wednesday, November 25, 2020 Friday, December 18, 2020 Friday, January 8, 2021 Friday, February 5, 2021

Catholic Diocese Of Sacramento Plans To Apply For Waiver To Reopen Schools

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — As many California schools are returning to distance learning, some Sacramento schools are pushing to get back into the classroom. The Catholic Diocese of Sacramento says it plans to apply for a waiver for elementary school students under the state’s new guidelines. Those rules say that counties on the state’s monitoring list need a waiver to reopen schools. The waiver is only available for kindergarten through sixth-grade, even in schools that go beyond sixth-grade. READ MORE: Which Schools Can Apply For In-Person Class Waivers? State health officials say the glitch that’s causing underreporting statewide could hamper the waiver process. The Sacramento County Health Department said that glitch will need to be fixed before any waivers are granted. The Diocese said its schools in El Dorado, Nevada, Shasta, and Tehama counties have started their school years as planned with precautions in place. In a statement posted to their website, the Executive Director of Schools, Lincoln Snyder, said they have yet to receive an actual application or waiver but are preparing based on the state’s published guidance.

Black-Owned Business’ Black Lives Matter Signs Vandalized Using ‘Thin Blue Line’ Symbols

YUBA CITY (CBS13) — Yuba City police are investigating after a business’ Black Lives Matter signs were covered with blue paint and hidden under a ‘thin blue line’ flag someone stapled to their building. Police are investigating the act of vandalism as a possible hate crime. Samuel and Pamela Thompson own Porky’s Barbecue on Bridge Street in Yuba City. “Why are you so angry where you deface someone else’s property?” Pamela Thompson said. “You don’t own this building,” Samuel Thompson said. The couple began displaying the BLM signs during the George Floyd movement. “When they start painting the windows, the next thing to do is to firebomb it,” Samuel Thompson said. READ: Fairfield Officer Under Investigation In Alleged ‘Badge Bending’ Thompson is also a military veteran. “We love the police, I mean, we believe in law and order,” Samuel Thomson said. Yuba City police released a statement reading in part: “The Yuba City Police Department does not support or tolerate the use of law enforcement symbols to deface property or intimidate people for their beliefs or support of other causes.” Marci Christofferson lives in Yuba City…

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