Red Bluff police seek public’s help in finding missing woman

RED BLUFF — The Red Bluff Police Department is searching for a missing woman and asking for the public’s help. Jamie Lonsberry Jamie Lonsberry, 32, has not been seen since July 1 after placing her children in the care of another and giving away several personal items to trusted friends and family, according to the police department. Lonsberry made delusional statements and did not have a history of disappearing, said police.  She was seen driving an older SUV with a license plate that read 7WFU214. Police said electronic transactions from Lonsberry’s bank account showed activity in Dunsmuir and Mount Shasta Friday. Lounsberry has reddish blue hair, a piercing in her upper lip and is about 5’1″. Anyone with information about Lounsberry’s whereabouts is asked to call the Red Bluff Police Department at (530) 527-3131.

‘I don’t want to get sick:’ At-risk A’s pitcher Jake Diekman speaks out on test lags

Not for one moment did A’s reliever Jake Diekman consider opting out of the truncated 2020 Major League Baseball season. He had every reason to. Diekman’s ulcerative colitis makes him at high-risk of complications if he were to contract coronavirus. Because of this, Diekman was guaranteed the negotiated full pro-rated salary promised if he’d chosen to sit the season out. He opted in. Fully masked, Diekman threw a 20-pitch live bullpen session against four hitters, including Ramón Laureano on Tuesday — his pitches fueled by relief that his teammates had finally cleared the intake testing backlog that sidelined most of the A’s for the entire weekend. Still, Diekman’s concern over the league’s slow testing process nagged him. “There’s a little part in everyone’s mind that thinks this is going to be shut down,” Diekman said on a call with reporters. “They might not say it, but there’s a little bit of fear in everyone’s head that might happen.” Once the seed of doubt is planted, it sprouts into a couple branches of concern. First, any lapses in every-other-day testing can domino into viral disaster. Testing…

Taxpayer-subsidized program displaces US tech workers

President Trump’s June 22 Executive Order suspending several temporary nonimmigrant visas is a good beginning. But as the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu would have said way back around 600 B.C., “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” The journey for true immigration reform that helps – not crushes – American workers has been, figuratively, a thousand-mile uphill trip. The forces that oppose commonsense immigration policies are powerful: globalists, lobbyists, religious institutions, the mainstream media, Silicon Valley, advocacy groups and immigration lawyers. Suspended until at least Dec. 31 are visas that hinder thousands of job-seeking Americans. Among them is the H-1B, mostly for tech workers. A recent U.S. Citizens and Immigration Services report found that nearly 600,000 foreign-born tech workers are in the U.S. labor force. These workers are paid at wage levels well below the occupation’s local median wage, an outrage especially in light of large-scale IT layoffs that include currently employed H-1Bs. Also suspended is the H-2B for nonagricultural workers. This visa often is issued to leisure employees who do jobs that Americans have historically done, including lifeguarding, landscaping and…

One Dead, One Injured After Plane Crash In South Lake Tahoe

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE (CBS13) — One person is dead and another has major injuries after a small plane crashed in South Lake Tahoe, according to CHP. CHP said in a Facebook post that an aircraft went down near Rainbow Road and Highway 89 in a wooded area Tuesday afternoon. Officers are assisting the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office with the incident. The plane, a single-engine Cessna 172, crashed under unknown circumstances two miles southwest of Lake Tahoe Airport, the Federal Aviation Administration said. The FAA and NTSB will investigate the crash. There are no road closures at this time. The people involved in the crash have not been identified. This is a developing story. Check back for updates.   

Blackout Day 2020: The Power Of The Black Community’s Dollar

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Blackout Day 2020 was the latest push in the push for racial justice in America. Members of the Black community actively made an effort on Tuesday not to spend money in the economy nationwide, unless it was a Black-owned business. Customers came from as far as Lake Plumas to support staff at Tiferet Coffee House in East Sacramento on Tuesday. It was their second day open after recouping from initial pandemic closures. For Maketa Verhane, the business was welcome. “Today has been overwhelming with support,” Verhane said. “I could never imagine. Someone drove 45 minutes to buy coffee from me. Wow.” Verhane said the push made up for 80% of Tiferet’s sales on Tuesday. Jason Peret was one of the many Blackout Day customers. “By uplifting and supporting the Black community – I’m supporting the entire community,” Peret said. “That means participating by spending your money in the businesses you’d like to see around.” Blackout Day 2020 is not only a day where people strived to support Black-owned businesses but as a form of financial protest and business boycott. Members of the…

Dr. Michael Drake Is University Of California’s First Black President

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The University of California system has named Dr. Michael Drake to replace Janet Napolitano and become its first Black president. A physician, Drake was unanimously approved Tuesday by the Board of Regents. He enters the president’s office as campus budgets are being slashed and campus life upended by the coronavirus pandemic. Drake was chancellor the University of California, Irvine from 2005 to 2014, when the university increased the number of applicants for undergraduate admission by more than 90% and added new programs in law, public health, pharmaceutical sciences and nursing science. Drake went on to become president at The Ohio State University before he retired from that position last month. Prior to UC Irvine, he served as vice chancellor for health affairs for the University of California system.

Shortage In Testing Could Lead To Long Waitlists, People Being Turned Away

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A sudden stop to testing is leaving people scrambling to find a place to go after five community-based sites recently closed. Marshall spent hours looking for a place to get tested for coronavirus. He’s already feeling the effects of a major testing shortage. It left him turning to St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church on 14th Ave. “I want to know, but I work like maintenance in an apartment, I’m around multiple people,” he said. Sacramento County Health Director Dr. Peter Beilenson says a shortage in testing material controlled by the federal government has stopped without warning. “My biggest concern going forward is this takes a long time to solve,” Dr. Beilenson said. It comes at a time when testing in the county is up almost 19,000% from the start of the pandemic, going from 100 to now 19,000 people a week. READ: Yolo County Increasing Enforcement Measures On Businesses To Prevent Coronavirus Spread “This can affect our numbers in terms of number of people that are being tested,” Dr. Beilenson said. More importantly, he says, is the impact to the Latino and Black…

Gentle Giant: Basketball legend, coach Bill Stricker dies at 72

STOCKTON – He was one of University of the Pacific’s most honored basketball players, a successful high school coach and an accomplished educator.But Bill Stricker never cared for trophies or accolades. To him, personal relationships were proof of a life well lived.Stricker, who was a 6-foot-8 gentleman with a booming voice and positive attitude, rose to play in the NBA and Europe before a long career as a coach and teacher at East Union High School. He […]

Agriculture generates $5.7 billion for SJ County economy

STOCKTON – Agriculture in San Joaquin County represented 7.1 percent of the county’s total economic output in 2018, generating $5.732 billion when production, processing, multiplier effects and employment are taken into account, according to a recent report.That’s a new way of looking at the importance of what farmers and ranchers add to San Joaquin County’s economy, county Agricultural Commissioner Tim Pelican said at Tuesday’s County Board of […]

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