Bow-wow Wow weeks are coming

Providing Essentials for Tehama Shelter, or PETS, in conjunction with the Tehama County Animal Care Center recently announced a new Adoption program to help both the people looking for a canine companion and the adoptable dogs at the center. Similar to what the Free Cat Fridays do for the kittens, the new Bow-wow Wow weeks will assist the dogs in getting their new forever homes. During the weeks of July 22-26, Aug. 19-23, Sept. 23-27 and Oct. 28 through Nov. 1, the center will hold discounted dog adoption events. Adoption fees for any adoptable dog will be $45 or less. Dogs are ready for adoption and are current on all vaccinations and have been tested for heartworm. In addition, all spay or neuter and rabies vaccination fees for the dogs adopted will be paid for by PETS. The Tehama County Animal Care Center is at 1830 Walnut St. in Red Bluff. Care Center hours are 10 a.m. to noon and 1-4:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday, with hours extended to 6:30 p.m. on Wednesdays. If you would like more information regarding adopting, fostering or becoming a…

Man Who Worked As Youth Sports Coach In Solano County Charged With Dozens Of Counts Of Child Molestation

SUISUN CITY (CBS13) – A former Solano County youth sports coach faces 32 felony charges related to child molestation. Paul Fielder, 60, was arrested in Contra Costa County last week when he arrived at a location allegedly to meet a minor to engage in sex acts. According to investigators, Fielder is suspected of sexually abusing a child under 14 for years. Fielder had worked as a youth sports coach in Solano County and was also, at one point, a campus supervisor at a local high school. Fielder has been booked into the Martinez Detention Facility and is being held on $3.2 million bail. Investigators believe other victims may still be out there. Anyone with information relevant to the case is asked to contact Walnut Creek police detectives at (925) 957-8757.

This App Shows You What You’ll Look Like As You Age

(CNN) — Ever wanted to know how you’ll age? There’s an app for that. Launched in 2017, FaceApp isn’t necessarily new. But it’s making headlines again because the app has gotten good — like, eerily good — at showing users what they’ll look like when they age. It’s scary, so use at your own risk. Or, take a spin through Twitter or Instagram to see how others have turned out years into the future. Basketball star Dwyane Wade gave it a go — or, in this case, retired basketball star? Tottenham Hotspurs, a soccer team in England, made a whole Twitter thread of their players with FaceApp. It’s amazing. And rapper Drake got in on the aging action (though it isn’t clear if he used FaceApp to do it). The app uses neural networks — a type of artificial intelligence — to edit the photos. And it can do more than just age you. The app can literally put a smile on your face, make you look younger, or swap your gender, too. The-CNN-Wire & © 2019 Cable News Network, Inc., a Time Warner Company. All rights reserved.

Deputies Rescue Kitten Left Behind By Momma Cat Who Ran From Controlled Burn In Suisun City

SUISUN CITY (CBS13) – A little kitten who was left behind by its momma running away from a controlled burn has a new home thanks to the quick work of some deputies. The incident happened Tuesday night. Firefighters were doing a control burn near Cordelia Road and Pennsylvania Avenue in the Suisun City area to mitigate wildfire risks. At some point during the burn, deputies who were monitoring traffic noticed that a momma cat was moving her litter of kittens across the road to safety. However, a few minutes later, the deputies heard a little kitten cry out. Apparently, one kitten had been left behind. The deputies then jumped into action to try and find the kitten before it was too late. Luckily, the deputies were able to find the tiny kitten before the smoke or flames did. The kitten, dubbed “Little Smokie,” now looks to have found a permanent home with one of the deputies.

Snow Melt Is Filling Up Lake Tahoe – And Shrinking Its Beaches

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE (CBS13) – Snowmelt is drastically filling up Lake Tahoe, making it difficult for summer revelers to find a little piece of paradise. Visitors have been taking notice of how much beaches have shrunk this year. With the summer melting the snow, Lake Tahoe reached full capacity on Sunday. The lake is still just over 6,229 feet as of Wednesday. However, officials say this will probably be the peak level for the season. The Truckee River, which drains the lake, will soon see more water releases.

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