Tips for driving home for Thanksgiving

Thousands of San Diegans prepped their cars Wednesday by filling up with gas and putting air in their tires ahead of a long drive home for the holiday. But the drive out of San Diego will take more than a readied engine.Traffics going to take a day to get through, said Benjamin Suarez.Itll take time.I know its going to be crazy, but got to get through it one way or another, Suarez said.AAA says anyone driving out of San Diego on Wednesday should have left before 11 am or after 8 pm. On Thursday, the best time to drive is before 4 pm and after 8 pm.Usually, I have to leave around 6-7 at night, and thats usually when traffic is the worst,” said Eric Guillies.For the first time in four years, San Diegan Eric Guillis was able to head over to his family in Lancaster early. But other drivers weren’t as lucky.Im waiting for my girlfriend to get off, so Ill leave this area around 6 pm,” said Zach Brewster. “Its not a great time to be traveling. Ill probably take another hour, two

Positively San Diego: Many rescued Beagles now thriving in homes across San Diego

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — Many of the 108 Beagles that arrived in San Diego a few weeks ago are now settling into their forever homes and thriving.It was the greatest day ever when they got here on August 31, said Dr. Gary Weitzman, President and CEO of the San Diego Humane Society.In the few weeks that happened since then, they’ve nearly all been adopted.About 4,000 Beagles were recently rescued from a breeding facility in Virginia. They were to be sold to animal testing labs. It has been a nationwide effort to get the dogs into loving homes across the country.We didn’t know what to expect, these were animals that grew up in cages, said Weitzman. They lived their whole lives in cages, maybe had never been outside, never really been held by people.He said the 108 Beagles that arrived here weeks ago were given medical exams, microchipped, spayed, and neutered. About 50 of the Beagles remained with the SD Humane Society while the rest went to rescue partners across the region.Weitzman said there were more than 4,400 adoption interest forms for the 50 dogs.45 of

Telehealth and Abortion: Can doctors prescribe abortion pills across state lines?

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (KGTV) As people around the world react to the Supreme Courts decision on Friday to overturn Roe vs. Wade, there are growing questions about what telehealth options will exist for women in states that ban abortion.ABC 10News reporter Madison Weil spoke with a healthcare attorney about the future of abortion pills nationwide.The discussion around abortion has changed in terms of technology in terms of medication, said Harry Nelson, a California-based attorney and partner at Nelson Hardiman.Nelson specializes in giving legal advice to telehealth providers, many of which provide womens health services. He says today, more than half of all abortions take place privately at home with pills often prescribed virtually sometimes even mailed to patients.Specifically, mifepristone and misoprostol which are the two medications that are used up to 10 weeks in pregnancy, he explained.The question now is will this be an option for women in states where abortion is banned? There will become…all of these questions about where people live and who is allowed to treat them, said Nelson. The general rule is a patient is supposed to be treated in the

Hundreds honor service members on Memorial Day at Mt. Soledad

LA JOLLA, Calif. (KGTV) – On Monday, hundreds of people gathered at the top of Mt. Soledad for a Memorial Day ceremony.Organizers said that the service included veterans from across the county who were looking to pause and recognize the freedom enjoyed and preserved for generations by young soldiers who answered the call to serve.Maj. Megan McClung was paid a special tribute. The 34 year-old Camp Pendleton Marine was killed in Iraq in 2006.Sgt. Maj. Neil O’Connell is the Executive Director of the Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial. “Among [us], we have veterans who served in Iraq in the same battle spaces as Megan, through the tenuous times of very dangerous locations and personal sacrifices,” he told the crowd.Maj. McClung worked with journalists in Iraq, where she served as a media relations officer. As she was escorting reporters, an IED hidden off the road struck her convoy, taking her life and the lives of others.Retired Army Lt. Gen. Sean MacFarland saw her that same morning and described how her efforts helped change the narrative about the war. “It was her words that helped change minds

Opening statements in trial for mentally ill Oceanside veteran accused of murder

VISTA, Calif. (KGTV) – On Wednesday, murder suspect Eduardo Arriola sat inside a Vista courtroom in his green jail uniform, as attorneys introduced him to jurors as a mentally ill ex-marine who gunned down his neighbor, Devon Rideout. It happened in 2018 outside of their Oceanside apartment complex while Rideout was walking her new puppy.Witness Jeremy Mitchell is a UPS driver who was making a delivery at the time of the shooting. He described hearing loud bangs and screams. He choked back tears as he described running to help Rideout. I grabbed her hand. I told her, Its going to be okay. You’re going to be alright. After that, her breathing started to slow,” he told the courtroom.She was caught by surprise, and she was ambushed, prosecutor Keith Watanabe told jurors. He said that Arriola is charged with murder in the first degree because, he said, he intentionally shot Rideout multiple times.Watanabe added, The defendant [told officers], I shot her with my gun because she was a trespasser.He also said that her name was later found etched on the radiator of Arriolas car.Mr. Arriola is

Caviar, fine wine and bats on display in renovated VIP lounge at Petco Park

Padres fans who splurge and are lucky enough to get access to the renovated VIP club at Petco Park will be treated to fine dining, new art and a live view of players practicing in batting cages through one-way glass.The Blue Shield Home Plate Club has undergone major renovations and is ready for Thursdays opening day.Theres never been more anticipation or excitement for a Padres season than what we have this year, said Padres CEO Erik Greupner Tuesday.Greupner gave reporters and San Diego Councilmember Stephen Whitburn a tour of the newly renovated lounge and a sneak peek of new food and merchandise fans will have access to on Thursday.The VIP lounge, available only to special pre-approved guests, features stunning photography from past Padres games and pieces of history are shown throughout it.At a bar in the lounge is a photo of Johnny Ritchey who broke the color barrier in professional baseball on the west coast in 1948.The VIP menu includes caviar and octopus. Fans with regular tickets will have access to a revamped menu that includes short rib, bacon wrapped jalapenos and street corn infused

San Diego researchers find potential breakthrough to deadly bacteria linked to recalled eye drops

Researchers at the University of California San Diegos School of Medicine believe theyve found a potential cure to a deadly type of bacteria thats been linked to recalled eye drops.A couple of weeks ago the CDC got in touch with researchers at the Center for Innovative Phage Applications and Therapeutics at UCSD.The center has been working for the past five years to use bacteriophages to treat infections that antibiotics cant kill.What it means literally is bacteria eater, said Robert Schooley, professor of medicine in diseases at the university, while describing what bacteriophages are.Researchers say they were able to find a few phages that were able to kill the bacteria in the samples sent by the CDC. But they wont know for sure if its a breakthrough until its been used successfully on a patient.We don’t know whether all of the strains will be exactly the same strain or whether they will all be sensitive the same phage. But we think there’s a good chance that many of them, if not all of them will have at least one phage that will be active against the

Activists blame asylum laws after eight migrants die on Black’s Beach shores

These waters seem calm but they carried at least eight lifeless bodies on Saturday night.It was one of the worst maritime tragedies that I can think of in California, certainly here in San Diego, said James Gartland, San Diego Lifeguard Chief.These two fishing boats capsized near the shores of Blacks Beach just before midnight. A total of 23 adult migrants were on board. The Mexican consulate confirmed that seven of the eight people who died were from Mexico. Rescue teams did not find any survivors.I think a lot of people dont know exactly how dangerous this trek is, said Pedro Rios, the Director of the American Friends Service Committee.Coast guard of Southern California says 23 lives were lost in maritime smuggling incidents over the last two years. Among those were three people who died along the coast of Point Loma in May of 2021. Leaders believe these deaths are a result of human trafficking.This is part of a trans-national criminal organization effort to smuggle people into the United States, said James Spitler, Sector Commander for the U.S. Coast Guard.But human rights activist Pedro Rios says

Last Original Tommy’s Hamburger in San Diego to close

The last Original Tommys Hamburger in San Diego is closing down. The announcement brought a lot of disappointment to long-time customers.I’ve been coming here pretty regularly, once every month, said George Wong.Dozens of people rushed in on Tuesday, excited to order a chili burger with chili fries, or even a chili breakfast burrito.Not many places you can get chili on everything, said Walt McColloch.That special blend that comes from, I dont know what they put in it, but its pretty good, said Ivan Acosta.Customers are savoring every bite because it could be a while before they eat this meal again..I guess for the last time, is this the last time? said Albert Federico.The restaurant just announced that its closing the San Diego branch on March 14.Im going to have to move in tonight or something so I can get it more than once, said Darlene Draper.Draper is from Los Angeles where the first branch opened in 1946. The company says that location and 31 others will remain open, but San Diegans will have to drive at least an hour to get their fix.Im shocked its

Snow in Mount Laguna creates a winter wonderland for visitors

MOUNT LAGUNA, Calif. (KGTV) Residents of San Diego County came out in droves Saturday to see snow that has blanketed even lower elevations of the mountains.The base of Mount Laguna looked like a winter wonderland with children throwing snowballs and sledding down hills not normally covered by snow.We usually plan to go up like 40 minutes but theres no reason cause its all here, Kristi Lyons, a San Diego mom, said at the base of the mountain.There are snowball fights. We can make snowmen. Its very fun, said Ali Alusbi, 10.Levi Lyons, 8, came with his parents and was decked out in snow goggles.Its so fun because theres so many mountains to slide down and you can make so many snowballs.At higher elevations, the crowds were even larger with dozens of people sledding down hills and making snowmen.Escondido resident Kulbinder Bains brought his four Siberian Huskies to start training them to pull him in the snow.Its kind of a hobby, Bains said.

Comic Con Revolution to Bring Unprecedented Cast of Avatar: The Last Airbender Together at Massive 12K Experience in the IE’s Backyard

The Inland Empire’s premier family-friendly comic convention, Comic Con Revolution (CCR), is gearing up for an unprecedented, star-studded event at the Ontario Convention Center on May 20 and 21, 2023. The event promises a diverse, action-packed weekend featuring comic book legends, actors, wrestlers, voice actors, celebrities, cosplayers, writers, and more—all in the Inland Empire’s backyard. “We wanted to build a family-friendly show and bring the best of the industry to the Inland Empire. So we settled upon the IE in 2017 after doing shows in Long Beach, Chicago, Florida, and New York. It’s a way for fans to come out and express themselves, and it’s right in the heart of Southern California,” said Drew Seldin, co-founder and co-owner of Comic Con Revolution. Headlining the event is the first-ever reunion of the entire cast of the critically acclaimed animated series, Avatar: The Last Airbender. This groundbreaking gathering has fans flying in from all over the world to witness this historic event. In addition to the cast reunion, attendees can expect panel discussions, photo ops, and an unforgettable experience. “The panel will be packed out,” Seldin shared.

Families camp at border waiting for “U.S. kindness” after weeks of travel

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Thousands of asylum-seeking migrants have sought to enter the United States since the beginning of the pandemic and the economic and political havoc it inspired globally. With the expiration of Title 42 fast approaching, more migrants than ever are flocking to the United States through Canada and Mexico, seeking entry into the Land of the Free. KUSI’s Teresa Sardina went live at the border, where hundreds were camping just feet away from her and her crew. Sardina was able to speak with an Afghan refugee named Ashma about his story and his journey to the United States.   Categories: California News, Good Evening San Diego, Good Morning San Diego, Local San Diego News, National & International News, Politics, Trending

Matt Gunderson announces candidacy for 49th Congressional District

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Prominent businessman Matt Gunderson announced his candidacy for California’s 49th Congressional District on Tuesday. He will be running against long-time California politician Mike Levin. Gunderson ran unsuccessfully for state Senate in the 2022 Midterms. KUSI’s Rafer Weigel was joined by Gunderson to discuss his platform. Categories: California News, Good Evening San Diego, Good Morning San Diego, Local San Diego News, Politics, Trending

State Democrats recognize fentanyl crisis, refuse to pass fentanyl legislation

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Tuesday is Fentanyl Awareness Day, a day utilized by school districts and local agencies to promote education and awareness surrounding one of the most deadly substances in the history of controlled substances. In Californa, 114 people die every day through the use of fentanyl. This amounts to over 5,000 people per year. KUSI’s Matt Prichard went live with details. Democrats in California received widespread backlash on Tuesday for refusing to pass even the most mild fentanyl legislation in months prior. State Senate Minority Leader Brian Jones joined KUSI’s Rafer Weigel to discuss this controversy in the state’s legislative bodies. Categories: California News, Good Evening San Diego, Good Morning San Diego, Local San Diego News, Politics, Trending

Verdict reached in Carroll v. Trump civil battery and defamation trial

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – On Tuesday, a jury found Donald Trump liable for sexually abusing E Jean Carroll, awarding her $5 million in damages. The judgement could haunt the former president as he makes another push for the White House. Trump was also found liable of defamation. He was not found liable of sexual assault. Trump, who did not attend the trail, insisted he never sexually assaulted Carroll back in 1996. He claims that he didn’t even know her. Trump’s legal team says they plan to appeal and believe the ruling will eventually be overturned.   Categories: Good Evening San Diego, Good Morning San Diego, National & International News, Politics, Trending