Rialto Unified hosts weekly drive-thru barbecues for students

Returning from Spring Break should be an exciting time for students as the end of the year push is right in front of them. Unfortunately, Monday, March 23, 2020 marked the day the students of Rialto Unified did not return to their classroom and instead encountered unprecedented school closures that forced our 26,000 students to stay home. Our students needed their teachers, principals, friends and school lunch heroes more than ever.  The big question ahead of us was how to educate and feed our kids while maintaining the new social distancing standards all while keeping our staff safe? Our plan was to model our meal service to that of our summer feeding program.  With one exception, we would be having a drive-thru service. We knew that in order to maintain the required safety standards, we would have to restructure the staff in our kitchens and tweak our production. We also knew that we did not want to stop our scratch cooking. We have very successfully continued our operations and have been cooking from scratch using fresh produce from local farmers including gardens grown by our…

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