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US Spy Planes Watch for Possible North Korea Nuke Test

The U.S. military has deployed “sniffer aircraft,” drones and U-2 spy planes in preparation for a possible North Korean nuclear test, NBC News reported.  The sniffer aircraft is capable of detecting evidence of a nuclear explosion, according to NBC News.  How One of Trump's Comments Angered South Korea In a statement to NBC News, the U.S. Air Force said the plane, known as the WC 135, "has been deployed on a routine mission to Northeast Asia. These missions are planned well in advance." Officials also told NBC that a nuclear test by North Korea could come without warning. 'No Doubt' Syria Still Has Chemical Weapons: Mattis "We expect that they are able to do it at any time, without any real warning," one official said. "They have been engaging in steady preparations." Photo Credit: AP

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