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Kyle Shanahan explains matching tattoos with Chris Simms

Kyle Shanahan appreciated the chance to clarify why he has a tattoo of Chris Simms’ initials on his ankle.
The 49ers coach was asked about that piece of ink Thursday while on Simms’ podcast, Bleacher Report’s Simms & Lefkoe . Shanahan and Simms played at Texas together — and since their fathers are each famous in the NFL, their correlating body art became a topic of conversation amongst the media over the years.
“I think I need to (explain it), because the misrepresentation of the story that happened with that tattoo has been rough my entire life,” Shanahan said, somewhat exaggerating. “It sounds like Chris and I went on a romantic getaway and got tattoos together, but it wasn’t at all like that.”
So Shanahan detailed his decision to get inked.
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When he was a wide receiver at Texas, he and Simms were part of a friendly five-some with Longhorn teammates Rob Babers, Montrell Flowers and Bo Scaife.
“I did not ever want a tattoo. It just wasn’t my style,” he said. “All three of these guys were trying to talk Chris and I into getting tattoos, and these guys were all already tatted up. I finally said — thinking Chris with his palest skin in the world, I didn’t think he ever would get one — ‘You know what, if Chris gets one, I’ll get one’. About two days later, we’re sitting at home playing video games and he comes walking in, and he pulls up the pants on his leg and shows us a tattoo down his whole ankle. Everyone got so pumped up and I’m just sitting there like, Holy crap.”
Still, Shanahan shared his almost-begrudging enjoyment of the tattoo itself.
“I didn’t want one, but I said I would, so I got one. It was a team thing. There were five of us that played together. So I didn’t mind doing it,” he said. “I got a little, little one on my ankle that has his initials. It’s something I’m proud of because I like the reasons I did it. Even though I don’t love the tattoo, I love the reasons I did it — they were a close group of friends of mine. But I didn’t know that the rest of my life it was going to be portrayed that Chris and I got each others names on our bodies. So I’m glad you asked me that question and I could clean it up.”

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