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Letters: Newspaper is unfair to Trump and should support the president

Fremont council was wrong
not to approve rent control
I am outraged that the Fremont City Council voted against rent control for Fremont. I am a Bay Area native, born and raised in San Jose, and have lived in Fremont for 22 years. I was forced out of my own home in 2008 and became a renter. It was the affordable option. Now, it’s quite the opposite.
We were fine until last year when our landlord increased the rent 11 percent. My husband has a very good job with the Fremont Unified School District, but almost all of his paycheck goes to our rent. This brings up another point — can our teachers who teach at our school district afford these outrageous, steadily rising rents? I don’t think so. So who will teach our children?
I am currently working five jobs to try to make ends meet. I am cringing as the anniversary of our last rent increase is approaching and there will likely be another.
Seems like our City Council members must have rental properties and wish to protect their interests. The only option seems to be to move out of the area and endure a four to six hour commute per day. What else can we do?
Marian Stevens
Should replace Krauthammer
for constant attacks on Trump
Ho, hum, another Sunday newspaper, another anti-Donald Trump column from Charles Krauthammer. (“Bungled Russian collusion is still collusion,” July 16)
I cannot recall a Sunday editorial section without this so-called conservative attacking the president of the United States. Isn’t it enough that Democrats/liberals mount a daily attack on Trump? Do we also need this Manchurian journalist?
If the East Bay Times purports to be fair and balanced, can’t we replace a hack journalist with someone who has a broader index of topics?
Bill Hickman
Newspaper should start
supporting our president 
I just re-subscribed to the East Bay Times and am already wondering why. The paper’s left-wing bias is only surpassed by the Washington Post.
A July 12 headline reads: “Trump Jr. on Russian help: “I love it.” Does the East Bay Times know how many people go around believing and parroting headlines that are untrue. Isn’t it the paper’s job to objectively inform us? Why must the paper try to sway us to their thinking?
It is just this progressive attitude that brought our once clean and beautiful state of California from having the most beautiful highways and the highest education ratings, to now having one of the highest poverty rates in the nation.
Integrity breeds success. The East Bay Times must start sharing facts; start writing headlines that actually represent truth; start taking a hard look at what will actually work to bring California back to its greatness; and please stop pushing a socialistic agenda on all of us. No wonder newspapers are dying out.
Donald Trump is our president. The Times should start supporting him and stop this ridiculous form of anarchy.
Cynthia Cerletti
It is Trump who should
be repealed, replaced
This is in response to readers who say the Democrats cannot accept that Hillary Clinton lost the election.
For the majority of us, we accept that Donald Trump is president and won the electoral vote. Trump voters must accept that they voted for an inept candidate for president and a do-nothing Republican Congress.
They think it is the Democrats’ fault that the president cannot seem to pass legislation. Come on, Republicans are in control of the presidency and both branches of Congress. The lies that Trump has said more than any other president in the short time he has had the White House is just another example of this leadership.
Now, as we Democrats must accept our loss, you Republicans must accept that this was your choice and when the president and congressional Republicans drag our county to its lowest, you celebrated this win.
Instead of working to agree on repeal and replace of the Affordable Care Act, Congress must reach across the aisle and agree to repeal and replace Trump.
Betty Manix
Notion of a vast conspiracy
on climate change is wrong
In the July 7 edition, a letter writer took issue with Kristie Middleton’s opinion piece, “Do your part to fight climate change, eat plants instead.” I have no comments about the opinion piece but I do have comments about the letter.
The author of the letter stated, almost correctly, that throughout the history of the Earth (4.5 billion years, not 6 billion years as stated in the letter), the climate of the Earth has gone through many changes. From this fact, the author concluded that climate change has had no impact and that climate change is a hoax.
In fact, every instance of climate change has had an impact. Additionally, every case of scientific fraud, perpetrated from within the scientific community, has been due, in the vast majority of cases, to a single scientist. No more than a small handful have ever committed such fraud. Consequently, if the current consensus on climate change is wrong, it is the result of an honest mistake made by the climate science community.
James Thomas MacMullen

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