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Warriors’ Zaza Pachulia disrespected by bold Spurs fan

Under the guise of admiration, a bold San Antonio Spurs fan took a sneaky shot at Warriors center Zaza Pachulia, who may think twice the next time he’s asked to pose for a picture.
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Arthur Cervantes, a 26-year-old from San Jose with a fervent affection for the Spurs, knew exactly what to do when he spotted Pachulia at Avaya Stadium during a recent San Jose Earthquakes game.
He was going to get some sliver of revenge against Pachulia, whom everyone in San Antonio from Spurs coach Gregg Popovich on down blames for injuring star Kawhi Leonard and altering the outcome of the Western Conference Finals.
While Pachulia graciously accepted Cervantes’ request for a quick photo, he was unaware that a smiling Cervantes had flipped him off right before the photo was snapped.
(Here is an unfiltered look at Cervantes’ photo with Pachulia).
“He didn’t notice or else I’m sure he would have been upset,” Cervantes told the San Antonio News-Express .
As you may recall, the ire directed toward Pachulia stems from Leonard’s series-ending sprained ankle injury he suffered after landing on Pachulia’s foot in Game 1. San Antonio was leading by 23 points when Pachulia clumsily closed out on Leonard, who was attempting a 3-pointer.
When Cervantes posted his photo to social media, he was predictably lauded by fellow Spurs fans .
“Most found it pretty funny,” Cervantes said. “Only my sister, who is a diehard Warriors fan, did not approve of my picture.”
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