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Letter: Most Talk Back writers not pleased with GOP’s health plan

GOP has failed America
by not fixing Obamacare
No. First of all, the GOP had years to fix the Affordable Care Act and could have taken credit for improving it. They failed the American people. Second, significant opinion polls show that the vast majority of Americans do not wish to have the ACA repealed, just fixed. Third, many health insurance companies and state governors are against the GOP plan. Finally, I think it’s fair to say that the majority of GOP House Representatives are financially well-off white males who likely have not faced similar life experiences of ACA users.
I assisted people enrolling into Covered California before retiring from Contra Costa. Even with my life experiences, I was not prepared for their stories, especially those with pre-existing conditions. For example, I helped two enrollees with pre-existing conditions who were in their early 60s, both single, caring for an aging parent. CCA dropped their monthly premiums from more than $800 a month to around $225. The GOP plan can’t guarantee they would even have coverage, let alone affordable premiums.
Michael Lutz
Certainly we can do
better than this plan
We are going from bad to worse with this proposal.  If we pass a bill that excludes the sickest and the poorest, we will all pay in higher taxes for covering health and related issues of the uninsured and we reinforce a society of haves and have-nots, which is a recipe for increased social disharmony, violence and moral decline.
Health care for all can work by taking the $15 billion in profit insurance companies make from our current system and designing an infrastructure that supports prevention, effective primary, chronic and acute care.  All other advanced economies have done this.  We can do it better.
Marti Roach
Both parties must come
together on health care
I have my doubts. I know the GOP won’t do what Nancy Pelosi did and pass it without reading what’s in it. That was such a ridiculous thing to say. The GOP members each make their own decisions, that’s why some members aren’t in sync with other members, where the Democrats go along to get along no matter what.
Health care is a very complex issue, and price wise, I think it’s way over the top, and that’s the issue. The Republicans want to bring down the debt and this will add to it no doubt, but they have to do something.
Both parties should come together on this. Obamacare is going down and the Democrats know it. They need to get busy and think of the American people who elected them to do their job instead of bickering among each other. Both parties are guilty of this.
Cathy Ledbetter
No to fake insurance,
yes to Medicare for all
The GOP is selling used cars.
The GOP’s new health plan is like buying a used car that just won’t get us where we, as a country, need to go. It represents the worst bargain these ideologues are selling to us, not just as consumers, but current and future patients.
The GOP and its supporting 1 percent billionaires are like pushing drugs to gain a profit from their billions of tax breaks, not concerned about the 22 million who are left uninsured from devastating cuts to Medicaid.
Their affordable insurance is buying a used, really old car that hasn’t worked for years. No matter to them that it won’t work for the millions of people and families who need lifesaving health and preventive care.Their new plan is just the old inefficient piece of junk, like that used car that won’t get us to our destination: health care as a basic human right.
Health care is not a commodity for their self-styled marketplace. No to fake health insurance and yes to an improved Medicare for all plan.
Kenneth Saffier
Walnut Creek
Health care is a right,
it is not a commodity
The ACA had the greatest positive impact on health care since Medicare was created in the 1960s. All versions of the federal House and Senate efforts to reform health care are atrocious. Too many people would lose insurance and costs would not be contained.
I’ve been a practicing nurse for 37 years. Now is the time to implement single payer health care for all Californians, SB562.
It saves money, provides health care for all residents for less than what we currently are spending and provides more services (dental, vision). When are we as a society going to admit that health care is a right, not a privilege? If Californians are not yet ready to take the lead nationally regarding health care, at a minimum, improve the ACA. Health care is not a free market commodity.
Marikay Batina
When you are president
you must make it work
The movement to repeal and replace and then repeal only the ACA has run the course of unnecessary ideas. Donald Trump, the president of all the citizens of the USA, now waits for the ACA to fail; and presumably Dr. Tom Price, the physician head of the HHS department that runs the ACA, shares that sentiment. They say they don’t want to own the ACA. Well lads, I’m here to tell you that the Trump administration now fully owns the ACA and it is up to you through your sacred oaths of office and profession to ensure the health care system that now covers some 20-plus million Americans does not fail.
Health care policy experts have indicated three or four fairly easy fixes could correct some major ACA weaknesses. Trump must act presidential and send Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi a small signal that it is now time to start working together for the good of all Americans. Please? Just this once? It might yield some job approval points.
William G Robey
Now is the right time
to talk single-payer
For conservative politicians as well as moderates and progressives, now is a great time to talk about switching to a single-payer system, where all are covered at decreased cost with increased efficiency. We are doing so with SB562 in California, but wouldn’t be great if the rest of the country did the same.
Janet Thomas
Passing Medicare-for-all
only way to fix problems
The GOP so-called health care bill should absolutely not be passed. It will not provide health care. In fact, 22 million people will lose health care if it’s passed. It is just a tax break for the rich in disguise. If the GOP (or the Dems) truly want to ensure that all Americans have health care, they should pass Medicare For All. We should join the ranks of other civilized countries and provide health care for all.
Joan Friedman
Walnut Creek
Real solution is passing
some for of single-payer
The GOP health plan is not a health plan at all. It is primarily a plan to make drastic cuts to Medicaid. Proposals for Medicaid reform belong in a different bill. Medicaid, which in California is known as Medi-Cal, serves our most vulnerable population, elderly, disabled and children.
The majority of California seniors living in nursing homes are currently on Medi-Cal. Do we want those seniors to be on the street as nursing homes close? California’s disabled residents are disadvantaged not only because of their disabilities, but because Medi-Cal rates are so low that many health care providers refuse to serve Medi-Cal patients.
More than 25 percent of Californians currently get their health care through Medic-Cal, including a huge number of children. Do we want these children to live with illnesses that could be prevented if they had health care?
The real solution for health care reform would be improved Medicare for all. California could show the rest of the country how to save billions of dollars and cover all residents by passing SB 562, The Health California Act.
Marian Shostrom
Pleasant Hill
There are good reasons
the plan should be killed
No, it should not be passed and for several reasons:
1: They have already tried to repeal it six times in its entirety and 54 times tried to dismantle or defund parts of it.  How many times to do you have to beat a dead horse?
2: Why do they hate the ACA so much?  Is it truly as terrible as President Donald Trump makes it sound?  He keeps telling us it is a disaster, but has yet to enumerate any details.  Is it only because of the taxes on the wealthy?
3: Does the GOP hate Obamacare simply because it is a huge benefit to millions, and is part of his signature legacy that they want to destroy?
4: It hits those least likely to be able to afford health care. Is there no compassion?
5: It will impact Medicare and people who depend on it.
If the GOP is going to continue these futile efforts to obliterate Obamacare, they should at least have to explain why they are spending so much time on an apparently done-deal.
Jim Cauble

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