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Eye-opening results to pot survey in Pleasant Hill

PLEASANT HILL — Although only 243 people took a recent online survey, the results indicate that some Pleasant Hill residents may not be ready to embrace marijuana.
Nearly 63 percent of respondents to the non-scientific survey said the city should not allow commercial marijuana cultivation or retail sales of recreational pot. Respondents narrowly favor repealing the city’s decade-long ban on medical marijuana dispensaries by 51 to 49 percent.
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Fifty-six percent of respondents said Pleasant Hill should not allow delivery of recreational pot to homes and businesses. The survey did not verify that participants live in Pleasant Hill.
The Planning Commission is holding a study session next week to discuss regulating marijuana home delivery, sales and commercial cultivation. The staff report is available here .
The meeting is 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 25, at City Hall, 100 Gregory Lane.
Last year, nearly 65 percent of Pleasant Hill voters supported Proposition 64, which legalized recreational marijuana use for people 21 and older.
The law also allows adults to grow six marijuana plants inside a private residence for their personal use. However, municipalities may regulate or prohibit outdoor and commercial cultivation, as well as retail sales of marijuana products.
Two years ago, the council allowed qualified patients to grow three plants indoors or outside for personal use.

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