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Bachata Under the Stars: Fremont coffee shop event strikes the right chord

Dozens of people gathered last Sunday at the parking lot of Slap Face Coffee & Tea for a Bachata Under the Stars event.
It marked the second time the shop has hosted a dance party centered on Bachata music, which originated in the Dominican Republic.
The asphalt dance floor along Peralta Boulevard saw people of different ages, ethnic backgrounds and skill levels vibe with the rhythmic twangs of Bachata-style music emanating from the DJ booth.
The party started in the low, cool light of the evening and lasted well into the night when multi-colored light strings and projectors illuminated the space. The music could be heard for blocks through the main streets of Centerville.
José Santamaria, one of the dance instructors who showed attendees some basic moves, said the party creates an atmosphere of friendship and builds community. “That’s one of the beauties of the dance, that anybody, no matter what age, what color, what sex you are, everybody is welcome,” he said.
Aide Cruz, 21, of Fremont, said being there to dance and enjoy the music was a good way to “forget about life for a second.”
The coffee shop hosts a variety of indoor and outdoor events to bring people together for a good time.

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