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Letter: It doesn’t look like Armageddon is coming

Remember how House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said the 2017 tax cut bill would be “Armageddon” for the poor?
Well, since the bill passed, the stock market has continued its upward march; enriching 401K savings plans and government employee pension plans. Equally important, more companies are hiring more workers. And, more than 100 companies are using tax savings to increase employment pay and/or benefits for more than 2 million employees, many of whom are low-skilled workers.
Some utilities are passing on tax savings to their customers in the form of lower prices. So, how is this Armageddon? This kind of rhetoric will certainly not help Democrats to retake the House in November.
Democrats apparently prefer helping the poor via income redistribution plans administered by unionized bureaucrats.
I’m reminded of what black former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain once observed about Democrats. He said, “Democrats engage in class and race warfare.”

Jerry Mungai
San Jose
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