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Alameda Journal letters: Man demanding Haight renamed lacks moral credibility

When considering the proposal to change the name of Henry Haight Elementary School, it is also necessary to judge where this proposal comes from. Alamedan Rasheed Shabazz is a prominent activist in the black Muslim community with a long record of ideological promotion.
A Google search will bring much information about his activities, including anti-police protests, promoting anti-Semitism in Palestine and various other pro-Muslim initiatives in the United States and abroad. Before we recognize this man as a hero and rename the school, Alamedans should research his activities and become aware of his program. Henry Haight may have been “a bigot, a racist and a xenophobe” 150 years ago; Mr. Shabazz is all of these right now.
People think it’s important to make our history right by tearing down statues and renaming buildings, but when it comes to bigotry, racism and xenophobia, it is not the United States but Islam that engages in these in our present world. The Muslim countries of the Middle East are enslaving Africans as we speak. This practice was rejuvenated in Libya when Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown with Obama’s help. In some Muslim countries, the practice never stopped. These countries have been donating funds in the United States to promote Islam, which is the justification for enslaving “the infidel.”
As for bigotry, you need only read the Muslim holy book, the Koran, to learn of Allah’s plan for perfection in the world. Jews and Christians must be subjugated by the followers of Allah and once subdued are forbidden to worship and must pay a special tax to support the Muslim community. All others who refuse to submit must be beheaded in accordance with God’s law. Muslims are God’s chosen people. All others are inferior, whether they have oil reserves or not, but especially Americans, who find these strange Muslim ideas to be incompatible with our sense of a free and progressive society.
Shabazz is male, so thankfully he can drive a car and doesn’t have to cover his face when appearing in public. He was thus able to appear at the school board to plead his case. Doubtless he was less flamboyant and xenophobic when doing so than he has been in the past at various anti-police and anti-Jewish protests. We don’t know Henry Haight’s opinion on the Jews, but if Haight was anti-Jewish, Shabazz would have had a real conflict.

— Steve Tabor, Alameda
Warning on sinkhole is good, filling it to be even better
Thanks to the city of Alameda’s Public Works Department for putting the warning cone over the sidewalk sinkhole on Taylor Street. I am certain Public Works has saved many children, as well as the general public, from significant injury.
I look forward to the hole it mostly covers, and that which it does not, being filled with cement and made into sidewalk once again.
— Katherine Jensen, Alameda
AEF Adopt A Classroom thanks their December donors
Thanks to our generous community, the Alameda Education Foundation has been able to support 159 teachers so far this school year by providing them with $79,500 to benefit their classrooms.
I would like to thank our December Adopt A Classroom donors: an Encinal Family, The Peddada Family, Bay Ship & Yacht Co., Perforce Foundation, families of Ms. Singh’s Classroom, Para and Helmut Gehle, Roberta and Jim Rockwell, families of Mrs. De Santiago’s Class, Anonymous, Jane and Ernie Peterson, Monkey King Pub & Grub, The Yu Family, The Cochran Family and The Petersen Family, Concrete Body, The Obot/Williams Family, Brian Bunger and Sherri Stewart Bunger, The Yu/Bai Family, Meher Kamra, The Tamaoki Family, Billie Huang’s Family and Bay Farm Families.
AEF’s Adopt A Classroom program gives 100 percent of each $500 donation to the teacher, enabling him or her to purchase materials and supplies, go on field trips or bring in assemblies. More information may be found at
— Kathleen C. Woulfe, Adopt A Classroom Chair, Alameda Education Foundation, Alameda
Oakland Ceasefire doing great work reducing violence
Having been an Oakland resident and pastor for almost 30 years, I have been part of several efforts to reduce the gun violence that wreaks havoc in our community.
Oakland Ceasefire has been the one effort that involves more than public prayer and political posturing. When there are 75 homicide victims, as there were last year, any celebration of success needs to be restrained, but the significant reduction in the number of homicides needs to be honored, and the city’s commitment to the effort needs to be redoubled.
I tell the congregation at Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church that we have done much good in our 158-year history but that our participation in Ceasefire might be the most important of them because of the lives that are saved and the community that is restored.
— Jim Hopkins, pastor, Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church;
co-chair, Oakland Community Organizations Board of Directors,
Comparisons of Trump to Archie Bunker miss the mark
I keep hearing President Trump being compared to the TV character Archie Bunker. Trump is no Archie Bunker.
Archie, the character, thought he should think and talk like a racist. At the end of the show, he never acted as a racist. His humanity always rose to the occasion with a smattering of love.
Trump, on the other hand, believes he gets mileage from talking and acting as a racist. He is a gifted con man, or grifter, who has proven over and over he has no heart to make him someone we like. He is selfish, has no humanity and, in the end, our memories of him — unlike Archie Bunker, the character — will never be fond.
That is why he will never make America great again. He is surely destroying America’s soft power around the world and has left a hole in the heart of America’s promise.
— Dinah Fischbach-Benson, Oakland

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