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Letter: Global education benefits everyone, merits support

We know that education makes a difference in children’s lives and keeps our country going economically, politically and socially.
We should also understand that the more educated children there are worldwide, the more our country will benefit. Educated adults are more likely to be working, able to buy our products and less likely to support wars.
The Global Partnership for Education held its triennial replenishment meeting in Senegal, recently. I was disappointed the U.S. delegation made no pledge at all, even though (1) it has at all previous meetings, (2) there are still 263 million children not in school, and (3) beneficiary countries raised their contributions considerably.
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Hopefully, Congress can still remedy this situation. My heartfelt thanks to Reps. Mark DeSaulnier, Jerry McNerney, Barbara Lee, Anna Eshoo, Zoe Lofgren, and Mike Thompson, who have all signed onto House Resolution 466, acknowledging the importance of global education and GPE’s great work.

Tari Nicholson
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