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Roadshow: Rear cameras are great, but look over your shoulder when backing up

Q: I bet you’ll receive lots of mail regarding Bob Cullenbine’s comment and your answer about the DMV saying drivers must look over their shoulders and not  to solely rely on mirrors and rear cameras when backing up.
Nancy Ruhle
Los Gatos
A: Yep, I most certainly have.

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Q: I find it is way safer for me to use the backup camera instead of twisting to see out the rear window. As a senior, I can no longer turn my neck as far as I did when I was 40. Also, I can back up much straighter using the camera. I think the DMV is wrong on this one.
Nancy Ruhle
A: And …
Q: I read with interest your response to Bob Cullenbine, the individual who lost nine points on his DMV driving test because he used his mirrors instead of looking through the back window. The DMV response, in my opinion, makes no sense.
Two different DMV driving examiners failed my highly competent 82-year-old mother because her osteoporosis did not allow her to turn to look out the rear window (she used both side-view and rearview mirrors to accomplish the requirement to back up in a straight line). I contacted the supervisor of the DMV examiners and he instructed his examiners to cease requiring people to turn around to look out the rear window if they were unable to do so and (like my mother’s vehicle) had a rearview and two side-view mirrors and utilized all three to perform this function.
Margaret W.
A: This seems like a common sense approach. Just don’t rely solely on rear  cameras. Rear cameras are great, when used with your mirrors.
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Q: Do you ever drive along Interstate 280 around Winchester Boulevard and wonder why that ugly patch of white plastic is still there on the hillside? For a brief time this was a patch of flowers. What remains is a collection of white plastic panels, weeds growing through them and held in place by a rusted metal frame solidly bolted into the ground. … Can you help us get rid of this eyesore? It has been too many years now that this highway blight to remain.
Loui Tucker, Charlie Hanson and zillions more
A: I’m trying. A contractor for Toyota planted a flower bed way back in 2010. But the flowers turned to weeds a couple of years later. The contractor was suppose to return the hillside to its original condition but went out of business and this eyesore remains. I expect Caltrans to soon decide when it’ll spruce this area up.
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