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Stop the tuition hikes, but give California colleges `full funding,’ lawmakers say

SACRAMENTO — In what has become a perennial ritual, Cal State and UC leaders are threatening to hike tuition if they don’t get more funding from the state than Gov. Jerry Brown proposed at the start of budget negotiations in January.
But this year, as California lawmakers wrestle over how to spend — or save — an estimated $6.1 billion budget surplus , some are calling for the state to give its two public university systems exactly what they are asking for: a $263 million boost in ongoing funding for California State University and $197 million for the University of California.
That’s more than double the $92 million that Brown has proposed giving to each university.
“In a year when state budget revenues are expected to be robust, and when we’ve already raised tuition so much, we shouldn’t be imposing more tuition increases on the families of students at our public universities,” said Sens. Steve Glazer, D-Orinda, the chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Student Success and Ben Allen, D-Santa Monica, chairman of the Senate Education Committee, in a joint statement.
In January, amid an outcry from students and others, UC regents put on hold a proposal to hike in-state tuition by nearly $350 and out-of-state tuition by nearly $1,000. But they plan to take up the proposals later this spring.
Meanwhile, Cal State leaders have said that as soon as May they will consider, as a last resort, raising in-state tuition by $228 for undergraduates and $432 for graduate students.
Reporter Emily DeRuy contributed to this story.

What Cal State wants: a $263 million increase in ongoing funding
What Gov. Jerry Brown proposed in January: $92 million
The difference: $171 million
Proposed tuition hikes: CSU trustees could consider as early as May a proposal to increase in-state undergraduate tuition by $228.
What UC wants:  a $197 million increase in ongoing funding
What Brown proposed in January: $92 million
The difference: $105 million

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Proposed tuition hikes:  UC regents in January put on hold a proposal to increase fees by nearly $350 for in-state students and nearly $1,000 for out-of-state students.

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