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Letter: California will lose the lawsuit filed by I.C.E.

California will lose the
lawsuit filed by I.C.E.
Everyone in America is required to follow the law. This includes Illegals violating U.S. immigration laws.
Countries like Mexico, Zimbabwe or America are not racist for enforcing their immigration laws. But, California Democrats like Oakland Mayor Schaaf, would rather tip off Illegals convicted of child rape, molestation, murder and gang crimes that I.C.E. is coming to arrest them than have them deported. This endangers lives of federal law enforcement officers during arrests, due to Democrats’ cynical political agenda.
It is extremely troubling and unpatriotic to U.S. citizens that California Democrats would put your families’ lives at risk, keeping convicted child rapists and murderers in your community, rather than have them deported.
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This is exactly why Trump was elected, why California will lose the lawsuit filed by I.C.E. (see U.S. Constitution “Supremacy Clause” and Arizona lawsuit result), and will cause Trump’s election in 2020 and Pence in 2024 and 2028.
Mike Brown
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