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Letter: Little Italy district is sensible site for statue

Little Italy district is
sensible site for statue
As the proud American-born daughter of an immigrant Italian mother whose family brought her (at age 2 and a half) from Tuscany to San Francisco in 1908, I feel obligated to chime in regarding the new site for the Columbus statue.
Surely, I am not a lone voice that applauds the sensible site in San Jose’s Little Italy district where the statue can be enjoyed before or after an indelibly delicious meal in the same neighborhood.
Of particular significance to me is the reality that the statue will not be shunted to a storeroom or a huge closet. Instead, all visitors to the Italian neighborhood can be encouraged to quietly nod approval to Christopher and to salute him for his astonishing bravery in traversing unexplored oceans centuries ago.
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Grazie, Cristoforo. You paved the way for my Nonni to start a new, successful and marvelous life in the state that so resembled their own Tuscan landscape.
Vilma Kennedy Pallette
Santa Clara

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