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“Horrible” interchanges abound in East Bay: Roadshow

Q:  If your readers think the interchange at Interstate 880 and Highway 101 is bad, then they must not drive in the East Bay. Horrible it is.
Fred Reyes
A: The 101-880 interchange ranked as the worst in the Bay Area in a Roadshow survey. That description of “horrible” is popular today. As for the East Bay …

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Q: There are several interchanges that were not even mentioned. Some that come to mind include 80-580-880 (MacArthur Maze), 24-580, 880-92, 101-85 in South San Jose and 280-680-101. I am inclined to agree with you that 101-880 is the worst. I’d put the MacArthur Maze second and 880-92 third.
Lee Taubeneck 
Palo Alto
A: Your ranking of 880-92 as No. 3 on the horrible list surprises me, since that was rebuilt in the late 1990s.
Q: I have to deal with the Interstate 580-680 interchange on a regular basis. I try to avoid it as much as possible by using city streets to get onto other 680 on-ramps.  I have witnessed many crashes. It is horrible.
Ed Silk
A: There’s that “H” word again. The 580-680 interchange came in as our second worst.
Q: The 101-880 interchange is the worst part of my day. Sometimes I just drive right by it and go to First Street, turn around and get on 101 from the other direction.
Joyce Newlan
A: And …
Q: On the bright side, at least the Highway 92 interchange at El Camino Real in San Mateo is nearing completion. Now, they’ve just got to fix the 92-101 interchange.
John P.
A: It’s high on the wish list. This could cost $160 million, and money could come from the new state gas tax and a proposed sales tax hike in San Mateo County.
Q: Here’s an idea for a fix at the Highway 101 interchange at Highway 25 west of Hollister — a diverging diamond interchange. Reverse the direction of the lanes on the bridge and put in either a traffic light or roundabout on the east side to straighten it out.
Roy Engehausen 
Prescott, Arizona
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101-880 ranks as Bay Area’s worst interchange: Roadshow

A:  This design may be considered at Interstate 280 and Wolfe Road in Cupertino, which would be the first in the Bay Area. One planned for Highway 120 in Manteca should be under construction later this year and would be the first in California.
This would shift overpass traffic in an “X” way and require traffic on the freeway overpass or underpass to briefly drive on the opposite side of the road. This requires fewer traffic signals, eliminates left-turn lights and reduces crashes by as much as 33 percent. Popular Magazine listed this as one of the best engineering innovations on our roads.
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