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BART clipper card contest deadline is June 1: Roadshow

Q: Do you have an updated estimated opening date for Berryessa BART?
SJ Guy
A: No, although BART should be taking over the 10-mile extension for testing next month. But there’s another deadline fast approaching.
The first person to pick the date the line opens gets a Clipper Card pass worth $100 from Roadshow. To enter, email your prediction to before June 1.
Q: Any idea when BART will tunnel though downtown San Jose?
Michael Phillips

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A: The target date is 2026, but I’m betting it will be later. VTA got a $730-million shot in the arm last month from California’s new gas tax. This helps pave the way to a $1.5 billion request for federal funding to be made this summer.
Q: You said survey work will begin to raise the bridge decks at the MacArthur Maze. What does this mean? Would they shut down the bridges to raise the deck up a few feet?
Richard Garlow
A: No. Caltrans will increase the vertical clearances in The Maze to the current standard of 16.5 feet. To do so, the state has to make some modifications to existing structures – raising some, lowering others. Survey work was recently completed.
Q: Does the DMV have an alternative to the written test? There must be people with limited literacy ability due lack of fluency in English, Spanish, Vietnamese or whose first language is Icelandic, Tongan, etc.
Carl Odegaard
A: The DMV does not administer many written tests these days. They have TouchScreen terminals in all offices, replacing the traditional paper exam with an automated knowledge test. The DMV started using the TouchScreen terminals in 2014, when the tests were only available in English and Spanish. Now, automated and audio tests are available in 32 languages.
The DMV also offers American Sign Language, a person-to-person examination and can provide an interpreter at no cost to the customer.
But the commercial driver license exam and motorcycle exam are only available in English and Spanish.
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Q: I loved your reference to the baseball player Ron Santo recently. He and I attended the same high school in the ’50s – Franklin High School in Seattle. He was a star athlete even then, quarterback for our football team, forward on the basketball team, and of course, baseball. Because I knew him, I followed his career with the Chicago Cubs.
Judy Cummings
Los Altos Hills
A: His was a Hall of Fame career. Santo was my boyhood idol and I would take his baseball card and put it in the spokes of my bicycle to make a cool noise as my buddies and I roared down the steep hills of Dubuque, Iowa. The Santo card did not fare well.
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