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Letter: California Prop. 69 ensures transportation funds go where rubber hits the road

Prop. 69 ensures funds go
where rubber hits the road
Last year, a comprehensive transportation funding plan was passed, providing funding for road safety improvements, repairs to local streets and investments in public transportation in every California community.
Now, voters have the opportunity to ensure that road-repair funds go exactly where they are supposed to go. Proposition 69 on the June ballot will guarantee these funds are spent on key road improvements throughout the East Bay by prohibiting the Legislature from diverting these funds for non-transportation purposes.
These funds are already being used to improve our local transportation network. Projects are already underway or planned, including repaving and congestion relief projects on I-880, and safety improvements to more than 25 bridges in Alameda County alone.
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Prop. 69 will hold our elected officials accountable, ensuring Sacramento politicians follow through on their past promises to fix the crumbling roads, bridges and transportation systems that are so vital to the East Bay.
Kristin Connelly
President and CEO
East Bay Leadership Council
Walnut Creek
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