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Letter: Palestinians must begin to bargain in good faith

Palestinians must beginto bargain in good faith
Some have said that moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem will harm the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. In fact, the peace process has been an illusion from the start. While Israel saw it as a possible path to peace, the Palestinians only saw it as a way of weakening and undermining Israel with the ultimate goal of destroying it. Today, they won’t even come to the negotiating table unless they’re guaranteed concessions in advance.
Until now, the Palestinians assumed that stalling negotiations would lead to greater concessions. Now they’re being told that stalling will result in fewer concessions, and if they stall long enough, they may end up with nothing.
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The truth is, unless they renounce their goal of destroying Israel and start to bargain in good faith, Israel’s best course will be to do whatever is in its own best interests, regardless of Palestinian national aspirations.
Martin Wasserman Palo Alto
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