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Letter: Moving the US embassy in Israel doesn’t serve America or Israel

Moving embassy doesn’t
serve America or Israel
Mr. Trump must be insane if he actually thinks that moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem will not hurt his ambitions to “broker … ‘the deal of the century’ ” as you have reported in your article “58 dead in Gaza protests as Israel fetes US Embassy move” (May 15,
No other country recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Trump’s action shows U.S. support for the Israeli military’s massacre of Palestinian protesters at the Gaza border that you have reported in this article. Our country also allows the Israeli blockade of the medical supplies the Palestinians need to treat the thousands of people, including women and children, who have been wounded by Israeli army gunmen.
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Our country should suspend military aid to Israel instead of supporting these atrocities. Trump’s moving the embassy does not serve America, Israel or anyone else except for a few extremists.
Paul Karsh
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