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Mailbag: 49ers Reuben Foster preliminary hearing fallout

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SAN JOSE — Business picks up next Wednesday for the 49ers. And, most likely, for Reuben Foster.
A couple miles up First Street and a couple hours before the 49ers hold their state-of-the-franchise address in San Jose, a judge plans to rule whether Foster must stand trial on felony charges of domestic violence and assault-weapon possession.
Foster’s three-month saga from a domestic dispute gained more clarity with Thursday’s preliminary hearing. His accuser, ex-girlfriend Elissa Ennis, gave compelling and seemingly credible testimony, detailing her lies and her financially driven motives that led to Foster’s Feb. 11 arrest.
With Thursday’s developments came a flood of comments and questions outside courtroom No. 44. Here are some responses to those who reached out through Twitter:

I think that’s BS. I’m sure she got strong armed into that. And I’m sure some money will get thrown her way for that “confession”. Pretty sad what people with money seem to get away with
— kevin myers (@kmyers1717) May 18, 2018

Money, indeed, is what Ennis claims she wanted all along. But, under oath, she said she’s received “not one dime” from Foster since the Feb. 11 breakup at their Los Gatos home. She did admit to stealing over $8,000 and two Rolex watches from Foster and putting them in a safe-deposit box in her Louisiana hometown, and that she’d been advised by her family to return that money.
Here is her testimony in an exchange with Foster’s attorney, Joshua Bentley:
Bentley: How do you earn money?
EE: “Do we have to go there?”
Do you have a job?
“I have an investment property.”
Did Reuben give you money when you lived together?
Has he since Feb. 11?
Not a dime?
“Not a dime.”

I can’t imagine how Reuben (goat) has felt the past few weeks knowing he was innocent.
— Josh Hodges (@Ludwig422) May 18, 2018

Foster has not commented since his arrest, and that includes walking silently past reporters in the courthouse and staying off social media. His body language Thursday did reveal a few clues about how he feels. While Ennis relived their Feb. 11 breakup without making eye contact toward him, Foster sat in his chair and nervously bounced his right leg under the table while tapping a black pen on his notepad. When a Los Gatos police officer testified that Foster was “agitated” at the scene Feb. 11, he shook his head in disapproval. If Foster gets cleared of these serious charges, I’d expect him to carry any pent-up frustration onto the field this season.

For people who want players suspended right when news breaks this is the reason why you shouldn't, the thought of punishing an innocent person should be far scarier to people than it is. Innocent until proven guilty was established for this exact reason.
— Åpperation (@Apperation14) May 18, 2018

Indeed this is every American’s constitutional right. As for a suspension from the NFL, that remains a possibility, and a league spokesman said Thursday its investigators are monitoring all developments. Although a dozen members sat in on the preliminary hearing, no one from the league or the 49ers were visibly present, so here’s hoping the court reporter transcribed well for them.

Didn’t something similar happen with Zelle Elliott?
— Bourne Delivery Guy (@mindofrob) May 18, 2018

The NFL’s domestic-violence policy calls for a six-game suspension even if charges are not filed, as was the case last year with the Dallas Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott. But former 49ers cornerback Tremaine Brock did not get suspended after a domestic-violence arrest last year in which the case was dismissed. Complicating Foster’s future is a marijuana-possession arrest in January that could impact his standing in the substance-abuse program.
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Didn't he throw her dog across the room? What about that?
— Jenna Chase (@skyflyerjen38) May 18, 2018

Ennis testified that was another of her fabrications, that Foster threw his bulldog. A police officer testified that the dog showed no signs of abuse. Asked by Bentley why she would lie about throwing a dog, Ennis replied: “Because I was pissed and I wanted to end him.”

Sad state of affairs. Still have to wonder, is this the true story, or is she being coerced? Feel bad for her either way. If true she made it up, seems like a troubled person.

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