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He punctured the tires of 6,000 cars, and gave this reason

A man who punctured the tires of 6,000 cars said in a French courtroom Friday that the spree arose from his anger at society, caused by his abuse as a child.
Gilles Sarrailh, 45, was sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment for the four-year spree in the French city of Bordeaux, Agence France-Press reported. He was said to have caused 348,000 euros in damage —  $400,000 U.S. — though a prosecutor said the cost of the police investigation put the figure in the millions.
French newspapers have dubbed him le poinçonneur , which translates to “punching machine” or “punch press.”
Some cars were vandalized up to five times before Sarrailh’s arrest in November.
Sarrailh, who lives on disability payments he receives because of epilepsy, said flattening tires was an outlet for his anger and a way to bring attention to his claims of abuse, “because the words that came out of my mouth were not enough,” according to the AFP account.
It was pointed out in court, though, that he apparently took measures to avoid attention: going out between 2 and 5 a.m., avoiding surveillance cameras, wearing a jacket and a tie, and puncturing only the tires on the curb side.

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