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San Diegan owns 'Rules of Baseball'

(KGTV) - A document that outlines the early rules of the game of baseball will be showcased in a Library of Congress exhibit this summer after having been loaned to the institution by its San Diego owner.

Hayden J. Trubitt, a lawyer based in San Diego, bought the rare pages at an auction in April 2016 for $3.2 million, the Washington Post reported . Trubitt, according to the Post’s report, said he put a million-dollar mortgage on his home just to purchase the 14-page document.

He told the Post that he bought the document as a fan and stated that he was not a collector.

Starting June 29, at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., the “Laws of Base Ball” document, as well as two earlier drafts, will be on display as part of the “ Baseball Americana ” exhibit.

Considered by baseball historians to be the game’s Magna Carta, the manuscript breaks down baseball’s most basic beginnings and established many of the game’s standards and regulations, such as ball/bat size and field dimensions.

Trubitt told the Post that he bought the document because “baseball had been really important to me, and now in a way I sort of own baseball, or at least become a part of it, like it had been a part of me.” See 'Laws of Base Ball' original documents: Exhibit 1 Exhibit 3

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