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Chief’s Corner: Tips for camping and boating safety

We at the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District have some fire and safety tiips for you as we head into the summer.
The recreational vehicle and your campsite can become your “home-on-the-road.” But, as you do at home, many safety measures must be taken to prevent tragedy.  Never leave lanterns, camp stoves, matches or lighters within reach of small children.  Be aware of fuel leaks involving camping equipment, recreational vehicles or boats.  Never store fuel near flammables or heat sources.  Build campfires in designated areas.  Douse campfires and barbecues with water, spread out coals and cover with dirt.  Barbecues or hibachis should never be used in a camper or tent, as they deplete the oxygen.
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Drowning prevention
It only takes a few seconds for a child to drown.  The East Contra Costa Fire Protection District suggests these simple tips for safe summer fun:

Any water source presents drowning potential, so parents must always be alert.
* Fencing at least 5 feet in height with self-closing latching and locking devices should be placed around the pool or spa area.
  Constantly supervise children involved in water play, even if they know how to swim.
Keep lifesaving equipment near the pool.
Don’t leave children unattended at any time.
Teach children there is immense danger posed by canals and irrigation ditches.
All caretakers of children should know cpr.

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Brian Helmick is fire chief of East Contra Costa Fire Protection District. For additional information regarding ECCFPD, visit

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