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Stockton Mattress Warehouse Fire Deemed Suspicious

STOCKTON (CBS13) — The five-alarm fire in east Stockton that destroyed a business, two homes and injured two firefighters is now being called suspicious.
One of the homes was torn down on Friday after fire crews marked it as unsafe.
Firefighters believe the flames started in a mattress recycling center and the fire quickly moved causing a lot of destruction.
Stockton father, Danny Rivera was doing everything he can to help keep his family and home safe from a fast-moving fire. It started Thursday night in the city’s east side.
“My brother was with his water holes, trying to get my newborn out of here, my 18-month out of here, embers falling everywhere. The fire just kept spreading and spreading, next thing I know all these trees were on fire,” he said.
A portion of Flora Street remained closed on Friday as crews cleaned up the mess caused by a five-alarm fire. Investigators now calling it suspicious.
“They are still trying to determine, the exact cause and location of this fire, and we’re asking for the community’s help. If they saw anybody here last night acting suspiciously. We need that information,” said Joe Silva, Stockton Police department.
Firefighters believe the fire started at this mattress recycling center. They say strong winds caused the flames to spread quickly and onto nearby homes.
“They encountered heavy fire that was in this open area, about 100 feet by 100 feet, in excess of 400 mattresses, all of it on fire,” said Jeff Whitlock, Stockton Fire Department.
“It’s insane because especially, if somebody is renting the home, if they don’t have renters’ insurance or things of this nature, they lose everything and it’s just a devastating experience,” said neighbor, Christopher Harnden.
The two firefighters injured are now recovering and will be okay. The Red Cross is helping families who lost everything.

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