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Editorial: Campaign hit on San Jose’s Measure C is outrageous

We had hoped that the political campaign leading up to the June 5 election would be devoid of misleading, unfair campaign attacks. But a hit piece last week from the monied folks behind San Jose’s Measure B and opposed to Measure C contains the totally disingenuous charge that Measure C wastes taxpayer dollars that could be better spent on “schools, roads, libraries and more.”
Whoa. Where to begin? The whole point of defeating the outrageous Measure B and supporting Measure C is to protect city revenue by reserving the land for job creation to build the city’s tax base. If all the land that could be developed if Measure B passes were removed from industry, it could create an annual $24.5 million deficit in San Jose’s  budget.
The billionaire backers of the Measure B campaign also want voters to believe that it will provide guaranteed housing for veterans, which simply is not true given the loopholes contained in the wording. Vote no on Measure B and yes on Measure C.

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