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Letter: Catharine Baker and Paul Graves merit voter support

Catharine Baker and Paul
Graves merit voter support
Re: “Ignore rival’s deceit, re-elect Baker to the state Assembly” (Editorial, May 13):
Assemblywoman Catharine Baker deserves re-election as your editorial clearly pointed out. She is a breath of fresh air, able to deal with the Democrat majority currently running the state and Bay Area, while helping Contra Costa and East Alameda counties to stay wonderful.
It’s also important that our new district attorney be Paul Graves for the reasons laid out in your recommendation (“Pick the prosecutor, not the plagiarist, for district attorney,” Editorial, April 13), and with his proven experience at prosecuting criminals compared with his opponent who has never even prosecuted a criminal case.
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Early release of convicted criminals and many felonies being downgraded to misdemeanors need to be addressed, as does the increase in car burglaries, shoplifting, robberies and gangs in the Bay Area. Repeat criminals need to be locked back up, and those caught with guns should be prosecuted to the maximum, not given leniency.
Pete Laurence
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