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Doria Ragland: The world crushes on Meghan Markle’s gorgeous, ‘free spirit’ mother

After several days of family drama, during which a reported paparazzi-induced health emergency forced Meghan Markle’s father to back out of attending his daughter’s wedding, the world was watching to see how the bride was holding up on the eve of exchanging vows with Prince Harry.
Meghan Markle arrives with Doria Ragland at Cliveden House hotel near Windsor Castle on Friday.(STEVE PARSONS/AFP/Getty Images) 
It turns out the bride was holding up under all this global scrutiny just fine, judging from how she looked when she turned up outside a hotel near Windsor Castle on Friday afternoon.
But if Meghan appeared relaxed, smiling and composed, that could be in part due to the calming influence of her mother Doria Ragland, people close to her have told various outlets.
In fact, not all eyes were on Meghan when the two women emerged from an SUV outside Cliveden House hotel, where they were to spend the night before Saturday’s wedding. During a brief photo opportunity, the public got their first chance to officially meet Ragland, an African-American social worker and yoga instructor from Los Angeles.
People definitely liked what they saw, judging from the way people were gushing on Twitter.

This image of soon-to-be Royal Princess Megan Markle and her beautiful black mother Doria Ragland just hours before her royal wedding gives me goosebumps. 
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