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Letter: City Council needs to stop unjust evictions, rent hikes

City Council needs to stop
unjust evictions, rent hikes
I was pleased to see the article written by Rick Hurd in Saturday’s paper regarding the need for tenant protections (“Raise the Roof coalition continue fight against Concord housing crisis,” Page B1, May 12).
It is good to see the press reporting on what is happening to families in our town. I have been a homeowner in Concord for almost 20 years. My housekeeper had to move due to an unjust eviction. This after her husband installed new wood floors and replaced a broken oven. I have watched the Concord City Council meetings where many families have attended and spoken to the City Council regarding unjust evictions. Their children attend schools that are close by and they should not have to move to another city due to greedy landlords. This needs to be stopped.

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The City Council needs to step up and put a stop to the unjust evictions and outrageous rent increases.
Katherine Luttjohann
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