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Letter: Only one California treasurer candidate understands what’s killing our cities

Viswanathan understands
pensions killing our cities
Re: “Standout pick for California treasurer is just 31 years old” (May 16):
I applaud The Mercury News Editorial Board’s endorsement of Vivek Viswanathan due to his understanding of the state’s public employee pension funding crisis.
The state of California, Santa Clara County and our local cities are unable to fund critical services because they are spending too much of their budgets on employee pensions. Most voters don’t understand how money is spent on employee pensions, and they don’t realize that CalPERS is forcing government agencies to increase their payments every year.
For many years everyone has been allowed to continue underfunding public employee pension plans, and over-promising generous benefits. The website Transparent California reported that many cities in the Bay Area have 100-200 retired employees drawing pensions of over $100,000 per year.
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This is killing our local government services. It must stop.
Gene Lee-Cole
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