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Letter: Why the whining from the legal establishment about Persky recall?

The legal system is not a
perfectly balanced scale
I read with interest the whining and crying from the legal establishment about citizens wanting to recall Judge Persky. They consider it an affront to their legal aristocracy.
They insist the legal system is a perfectly balanced scale that should be beyond question. If justice was truly impartial based upon only facts and law, then why would the Supreme Court have so many 4-5 decisions? Why is there such a battle in Congress as to the character of a person that is nominated to the Supreme Court?
This is because judges are not perfect human beings, but their opinions are based upon their beliefs, upbringing and social status. They make judgments with this cloud in their mind. And as society changes so must the judicial system.
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Society is recognizing the rights of women to be treated with respect. Judge Persky is out of touch, and should be removed from office.
Don Pugh
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