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Letter: Persky recall effort is a misguided farce

Persky recall effort
is a misguided farce
While much criticism is made of Judge Persky’s allegedly lenient sentence in the Brock Turner case of 6 months in jail instead of 2-4 years in prison, little mention is made of another aspect of the sentence, which is that Turner must register as a sex offender for life. That means he is on lifetime parole, with restrictions on where he may live and work, with a major impact on his private life. This is not a lenient sentence, but is following the law, which Judge Persky is sworn to do.
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From what we see, Judge Persky is a fair-minded public servant doing his job the way he should. We will be enthusiastically voting against his recall, and we encourage all level-headed, fair minded citizens to do likewise. In addition, we will not vote for either of the candidates running to replace him, as it would imply legitimacy of this misguided farce.
Ben and Heidi Lerner
Palo Alto
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