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Chula Vista home invasion robbery

Chula Vista, Calif., (KGTV)— The Chula Vista Police deprtment is investigating a home invasion robbery that happened Saturday night, on the 1600 block of Claret Cup Drive.
80 year old Don Oder believes he may have had an encounter with one of the suspects. He told 10News, as he was unloading the bags from his late night shopping trip Saturday, he saw a man walk into his garage. “He says I’m thirsty. Can I have some water? So I got him a glass of water,” Oder said.  That was at around 10:30pm at his home near Camarena Elementary School. At the time, he did not know that the person he gave the water to, could have been a suspect of a home invasion robbery that happened moments prior.  “I didn’t put two and two together right away,” Oder said.  Chula Vista police says, at around the same time, someone fired a gun at a nearby condo on Claret Cup Drive.  Two people entered and robbed the residents. No one was hurt. But the suspects ran eastward.
Looking back now, Oder believes one of suspects may have been the man hiding in his garage. “Pretty obvious that he didn’t want to be seen,” Oder said.  Oder describes him as a young, built, clean-cut man. He was surprised at the man’s get-away car.
“He said, I’ve called and Uber and it’s going to be here in a few minutes.” Oder stayed with him for a few minutes, until the man suddenly ran. Moments later, he and his grandson called police. 
The next morning, Oder’s son Tim Oder was walking toward the crime scene.
Along Exploration Falls Drive, Tim Oder said he found a bundle of stuff next to a car.  “I pulled a hat out, walked a little further, and then I started pulling some gloves, and I thought, oh my God, these are white, latex gloves!” Tim Oder said.  The water cup and the bundle of items are now with Chula Vista Police, being processed for evidence.  The Oders said the fact that one family had two run-ins with an unusual crime in a safe neighborhood, is a crazy coincidence. “It seemed so strange, you know?” Oder said.  Chula Vista police says the suspects are still at large, and asks the community to be vigilant.

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