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Letter: The years bullies bashing opposing opinions at Pinole City Council meetings are almost over

Kudos to Pinole firefighters,
police, NO on P Committee
As a Pinole resident and member of law enforcement, I write to support the Pinole firefighters, Pinole police and the hundred of residents who have joined together to oppose Measure P.
Measure P is absolutely about “special interests,” the special interests of career politicians. Measure P is being opposed by a grass-roots campaign of citizens who have joined together and hit the streets. This action is unheard of and scares the career politicians and their loud mouthpieces.
The years of a few bullies bashing opposing opinions at Pinole City Council meetings are almost over. This is why you are seeing hundreds of No on P supporters walking flyers to thousands of homes. They have had enough.

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The energy and future of Pinole is bright and this group is leading the way. It’s about time. Vote no on P.
Stephen Tilton
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