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Letter: California’s mandate could make solar even less economical

Mandate may make solar
even more uneconomical
As I see it, the state mandating that solar power be installed in all new home construction starting in 2020 is one more example of Sacramento not understanding basic free-market economics.
Admittedly, the goal to reduce carbon emissions is laudable, but according to the May 9 Mercury News article “Homebuyers’ wish lists rarely include solar” (Page C7, May 12), few new home buyers currently elect to add solar. That means most did the calculations and found that solar was not economical for them.
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I recently came to the same conclusion myself when investigating a retrofit. Panels and batteries are currently too expensive and inefficient. This requirement will make the economics of solar even less compelling because mandates result in shortages which result in price hikes (of equipment and labor in this case).

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It would be much better to let market factors dictate to each individual when to install panels.
Chris Wiegel
Santa Clara
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